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¿Cómo hacer un video con Windows Movie Maker?

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How to make a video in windows movie maker? First open the program on your computer, when you open it, a window like this. To start creating the video, you must determine the videos, images or audio you will use. When you have it you have to click on add videos and photos. By clicking a window will appear where you have to choose a picture, video or audio to load the program. You open one of these and so you start creating the video. When you upload the image, you will appear in two places on the window: Right, you will have the option of viewing the video process and left, where will the video and edited. I have added more images and audio, but remember that you can also add videos and images. The audio will appear below the images loaded and there will be a cursor which will be the time when the video is playing. To delete an image, video or audio that you do not need, simply select what you want to delete and give the option to remove. When you select an image or video effects bar appears at the top of the window, there you can choose the effect you want within those available. Remember that the effect is applied to all images or a single if you choose. You can also put animations and transitions in the video, for input and output of the image or video, among others. You also have the option of putting a image or video visual effects such as black and white, sepia, among others. Remember also apply in a single image or all if you wish. If you want to add a title, description or credits you give click the option at the top and write what you want. By clicking the letters, several options will appear at the top that are to edit what you wrote. In the edit option, you can change the time between images. Remember that you can edit the audio of the video. To end the video, you give click Save Movie and presto, you also have the option to share the video on some social networks.

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Posted by: ladynm on Sep 8, 2013

Les enseñaré a crear un vídeo utilizando Movie Maker, un programa de windows.

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