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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~15:00:54 - 15:15:54

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Stand, stand. Careful Zhanna, careful. Up you go. Here we go. ― Ready? ― Yes. ― We're flying. Spinning so... ― No more? ― No, no. ― Now me, me! OK, last one and that's it. We'll play airplane Roma. ― No more! ― Hold on tight, tight, tight. Hold on, hold on, hold on. ― No more! No more! No more. No more. Stand still. ― Shall we play some more? ― Yes! ― That was a break. Me next, Vasya! Vasya, me next! Zhanna! Hold on. Vasya. ― Who? ― Who? ―Come on, come on. Quickly, quickly. ― Romka. ― Ah, you. I will hit Zhanna, or Yasha or Roma. ― Me. ― Me. ― Run, run, run, run. Got ya! Now Zhanna. They are not letting us, for some reason. ― Not letting me lie down for a while. ― Well come on, let's go. Gotcha! ― Not letting me rest. ― Gotcha Elias! Ouch. My back. Won't even let me rest. ― So quickly... Me. ― Sleep. ― Vasya! Vasya! ― Hold on. Hold on. I... you on the head. You ... me. Zhanna, let's run away. Run away. Zhanna let's run. Run away. Run away. Run away. Run away. Run away. Run away. Oh! Roma missed. ― Romka. ― Do you know how to play knock out? ― Yes. Let's play knock out. Me! Me! I forgot. Me too. ― We will knock them out. ― Ah! ― In the middle. ― Come on Zhanna. Hey! Stand further back. ― No! You will definitely... ― Stand closer Zhanna. Otherwise the ball... ― No! Aren't you so cool. ― But we're not going to throw hard. Throw it at them Zhanna. Throw it. ― Roma. ― Roma you're out. ― I am? ― That's it. Your'e out. ― Elias! ― Sit down. Ah! Go. Go. Go Zhanna. We need to knock out Yasha. One. Two. Three. Zhanna, let's go. Go Zhanna. Four. Zhanna, you ready? Let's go. Argh! He is out. ― Let's go Zhanna. ― Ouch, my leg. ― Get up. ― Roma, get up. Stop, you're old. Come on. Now you will knock us out. Let's go Zhanna. Ow. My leg. ― Yash! ― Where are you shooting? They won't knock us out Zhanna. Right? ― If we don't knock them out... ― You'll be knocked out! We have to knock Vasya out first. Touched it! You touched it like this, on the side. ― Touched you Vasya, on the side. ― I'm out. Come on Zhanna, come on. ― There! She touched it! ― Let's go. Knock them out. We'll show them. Let's go. We will kill you. ― Wha? Wha? ― Roma don't give them saves. ― I got a save. ― No. You dropped the ball. To get a save you have to catch the ball. You're out. ― And now I... ― Roma carefully. Oh! Catch Zhanna. ― Didn't touch. ― You didn't, you didn't. Vasya, look. The ball fell in the mud but it's still clean. ― That's it. ― You're out. Come on Zhanna. ― Give me. ― Let's go. ― Right now Yasha, you next. To you next. Come on. Stand there. ― Ow, stop the game! ― Catch the ball. Throw it. Let's go. Throw it. I catch. ― I am not giving saves. ― He can't catch it. Elias. Catch. Yash, throw down! So he can't catch. ― Down. Throw down. ― Got it. ― A save! How many saves? ― One. ― If you die I can save you. ― No. ― Yes! ― How? ― I have a save. Yasha, one more time. Keep dreaming. ― Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. ― Why are you sleeping? Didn't fall. ― Zhanna. Hey! ― Hold on Zhanna. Wait Zhanna. Zhanna. ― Let's... ― What for? ― Almost. Almost. Almost. Wait. What are you doing? Done. Come on. Let's go. ― Roma don't give... ― Stand here Zhanna. ― Lives. ― I will. ― Come on. ― Argh! I'll kill you if you do. Got it? ― Here! ― Nice job! Crazy. ― Two saves Elias. For us now. We will never knock them out now. You will. You will. Throw it. ― Ah! That's it. Touched it. ― One save is gone. Oh! A save. No saves from the ground. ― Well, I didn't catch. One is gone. I have two saves, remember. ― Ah, yeah. Knock me out three more times. Throw, Roma. ― If he dies one more time, that's it Roma. ― Yeah! Are you crazy? You gave him one more life. What an idiot. No? ― Elias! ― Throw. ― We will never knock them out now. Idiot. What you giving them lives for? ― That's it Vasya! ― It didn't touch, I raised my leg. Roma throw. ― So, let's knock Zhanna out first. ― OK. ― I knocked Zhanna out. ― Good job Zhanna. ― Ah, that's it! Vasya, Vasya, Vasya. ― That's not fair. ― Me. He knocked me out, not you. ― Vasya. ― One save is gone and one more is left. Roma gave it to me. That's it Vasya. Two saves. Give me. Give me. ― Oi. ― Don't even try giving them saves, idiot. I'll kill you. Throw at the ground. Good job Zhanna. Good job Zhanna. Roma catch the ball. Catch the ball. Catch the ball. ― Now. ― Don't even try. Now I am mad. Oh. Nice wall. Come on. Come on. ― He is crazy. No? ― OK. I'll let you win. A life. ― Move away please, I am not going to. ― Come on, come on. Throw. Zhanna. ― That's it Vasya. ― Zhanna play alone. I've been knocked out. Zhanna, Zhanna, go, go. Zhanna, Zhanna. Run. Good job. Just try to give lives. Roma throw. Now I am mad. Throw. ― Are you tired from the sun? ― No. Zhanna? ― That's it. ― Good job Zhanna. ― Should we go to the yard? ― Who? ― It's shady. ― Yes. ― You're probably tired. Let's go. ― Or we will get sun stroke. Let's go! There is something there... Let's go. Go. Go. Go. Let's go... ― Are we playing basketball? ― No. ― Let's do it. ― Are you playing Zhanna? ― No. ― Want to ride a scooter? ― Yes. Maybe something else is better. Let's... No, I will ask to ride in the street. ― What? ― Ride the scooter on the street. ― Huh? ― Yes. ― OK. The first is mine! ― Hold on. Hold on. ― Hold on. Hold on. I have to ask first, don't I? ― The second is mine. ― Wait here Zhanna. I will bring it. ― The second is mine. The second is mine. ― The first is mine. ― The very last. ― Quiet. Quiet. ― The smallest for you. ― Give me this. ― No! I'm not a baby. Roma, all three will ride Ilyas, and then you will switch. ― OK? ― Yeah. ― Let's go. ― Here. ― This scooter is mine. So what if its like this. Right? Yes. Now you will all ride. ― And then we'll switch. ― Yes. We will switch later. Woah! It's so small. Look, how cool. It's cool but small. This one for me. ― Oh man. ― It's OK. ― Ah, we can wash it. Elias. Zhanna. Let's go. Are you going to watch us? Yes, yes. I will watch you. ― Then ask. ― Why don't you push... ― I am not going to push it. ― Let's go. ― You don't know how to ride? Ilyas. Wait. I'll go ask. We will switch later. ― Hold it like that scooter. ― Ah. Ah, like this. Why change. Like this is OK. Like this... Everyone has one. Mine is small. ― So what. You're small. ― I'm not small. I am big already. I will fall from it. You won't. No you won't. If I was small, I would be this tall. I'll grab a skateboard. We'll ride together. ― Skateboard? ― Yes. I will take the black skateboard. ― You should take a skateboard too. ― I want the black skateboard too. Ah! I will make this turn... Look Zhanna, what a turn. ― What, you don't want? ― What? Let's go? ― Come on. ― Can we? ― Let's go. ― Can we? ― Yes. Let's go. Assa. Don't go too far from me. ― OK? ― Yes. We'll ride until... and then come back. Until... Roma, ride there and then come back. Wow! A cat. It's OK. Leave it. Leave the cat alone. Leave the cat alone Roma. ― No. I want to take her along. ― She will come to us. You can take her later. Let's go. ― I don't want to ride... ― Roma. I will throw the cat away. Let it into the house. ― Pet it. ― Take it. Take it. Take it. Let's go Zhanna. So, Zhanna. Ready? ― Yes. ― One, two, three, go. Zhanna! Stop. I can't. Let's catch up to Zhanna. No one will catch me. Vasya. Let's go to that pile and back. Wait Zhanna. Here I go. ― Come back. ― Wait Zhanna. I will catch Zhanna. ― You will not catch me. ― Roma let's go, let's go, let's go. Catch her. Catch Zhanna. Catch Zhanna. Go, go Zhanna. Zhanna. Zhanna. Good job Zhanna. Yes. One. Two. Go. Zhanna! Zhanna! Get off the road! Coming. What's wrong with you?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 107
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 5, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 15:00-15:15 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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