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Mv-Fleet demo

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Empty containers are EVERYWHERE ! Shippers use empty containers to export their cargo from one port to another. Sometimes empty containers in a port are insufficient to cover shipper exports. So, ship-voyages connecting ports are used to move the empty containers to the right place at the right time to cover shippers exports. Empty container inventory and export forecast change every day for hundreds of locations, thousands of ship-voyages and millions of containers. So, covering exports with empty containers requires an analysis of a lot of information with a global visibility. Let's see how Mv-Fleet can place all this information and options onto a single interface for you. Let's take these locations with their empty container inventories and move them to a planning area. Some locations have more container inventory than others, so let’s use tone colour to indicate the amount of containers, the darker ones have more containers than the lighter ones which of course have less. And those inventory levels change everyday, so let’s create a timeline and see how as days go by some horizontal lines get lighter, it means the inventory is reducing, while other lines get darker, meaning that the inventory is increasing at those locations. Let's take the unmet export forecast and place it in the planning area, the timeline makes it easier to see when shippers want to export their cargo. Now let´s use ship-voyages lines to connect locations, the timeline shows the dates when ships will arrive at each location, it visually shows which is the best ship to move the empty containers on time to cover export demands. Mv-Fleet helps you to see at one glance your empty container inventory bottlenecks and unmet demands. Mv-Fleet allows you to not only see your inventory today, but also see how changes will impact future container inventory and export forecast. With Mv-Fleet you can easily choose your options and let your equipment teams interact with you locally, regionally or globally. Mv-Fleet is an industry standard planning tool, it lets you see and compare your available in-house and external options so you can see and take the best decision. Now, I'm going to give you a brief presentation on how Mv-Fleet helps you to reduce costs and optimize container rotation. Let's get started. Importing your data with Mv-Fleet is easy. Send your data in any format you're already using and we'll load it into Mv-Fleet. All your data will show up in an integrated graphic interface. Once your data is uploaded, Mv-Fleet goes to work. In the "planing area" you can see your empty inventory (the green horizontal lines), You can see the route your vessel is taking (the lines travelling between ports) and the days your vessels are travelling from port to port. The dots you see are export forecasts. Wherever you see red dots you know that you have an unmet demand for empty containers. On your left you can see the regional map with all your vessel port of calls. You can easily move from one region to other by dragging the map. With Mv-Fleet you don't just get a look at your container inventory. You get to see how container moves TODAY can impact container levels TOMORROW. When you plan to move empty containers from port to port, Mv-Fleet automatically updates the information to show you what your inventory levels will look like after your plans are executed. Mv-Fleet does even more. It even shows you how your empty move plans impact other regions. So, if your empty move plans will create a surplus inventory in another region you will be able to see and adjust your move plans. Mv-Fleet gives you an easy way to track your inventory bottlenecks and unmet demands. You can see where you will have an overstock of empty containers by looking at the changing colour of the horizontal lines. The red dots will show you a forecast of any port where you have an unmet demand so you can plan ahead. By clicking on any of the dots you will pull up an Options Menu that will allow you to see and compare all available in-house actions to resolve any unmet demands. Mv-Fleet automatically generates all available options for you to make the best decision based on your needs. Click on the right option and your plans will come up and your regional and local offices can take the appropriate action. Mv-Fleet works on the internet, it makes it easy to communicate your plans to all key regional and local offices and keep them automatically informed even via email, all with just ONE click! With Mv-Fleet everyone knows what's happening everywhere instantly. This communication feature allows your colleagues to inform you if you have a change to your forecast, or let's say a plan that will not be accomplished. You will find this on your planning area. From here you can once more look for all the options to meet your needs and make changes to your plans. All in one place. Would you like to pull up not only in-house but external options that will allow you to see and compare all available actions to resolve any unmet demands? By clicking on the Network button Mv-Fleet automatically generates all available options for you to make the best decision between your in house and external resources. Now you can maximize the full potential of your network. Take a look through all the specific options that Mv-Fleet provides with charter call prices, interchange costs, transshippment savings and any other information you might require to help you evaluate your best option. By looking at not just your own fleet options but all options globally you further assure cost reduction opportunities Optimizing your container rotation doesn't have to be difficult to implement. We're offering you our expertise so you can start reducing costs with Mv-Fleet right away! Do it yourself. Choose your shipping line. No sign-up, start planning instantly.

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Mv-Fleet™ works by optimizing container rotation and minimizing the movement of non-revenue earning empty containers. Welcome to the first Container Management Network.

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