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Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi addressing to a huge gathering in Lahore 3 of 7

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What people see, he is active in that; and what God looks at, he does business in that This prayer is of the apparent appearance Regardless of offering this kind of prayer lifetime --- this will remain a show off. Oh! That is a prayer in Reality. What is that Real Prayer? Majadid Alif Sani says that prayer of every person is a Prayer of apparent appearance prayer of only the special people of God’s is real prayer. He says that it is the responsibility of every man to search the Real Prayer. What is Real Prayer? For this you have to first learn Allah - Allah. This is your first pillar --- first pillar is Kalima Tayyba. It’s there in Hadith Sharif (Prophetic tradition) that superior chanting (Afzalul Zikr) is Kalima Tayyba. Holy Quran “Chant the Name of Allah while standing, sitting, and even lying you are on your backs. Don’t be negligent while merchandising and selling” It’s also the first word of your Quran “Alif-Lam-Mim” You said these are short verses (Haroof-e-Mokate’aat)...Why? With ‘Alif’ start chanting Allah – Allah If you’re scared of His Majesty, then start reciting” La eLaha El Allah” with ‘Lam’ If you don’t have the divine grace for this also! Then start chanting Mohammed’urr Rasool’ullah with ‘Mim’. You will achieve from this. If you don’t have the divine grace for all these, then keep busy in the Book don’t know whether this Book leads you astray or gives guidance. When you heartbeats will chant Allah..Allah Allah – Allah will penetrate in every vein Then, when you will try that Allah – Allah should continue, while I am busy in work. It is called ‘hand in working --- heart in Beloved’. Then you’ll try while reading newspapers and journals --- Allah – Allah should continue! You’ll be succeeded. Then you’ll struggle while offering your prayers, this Allah – Allah should continue. That time the Tongue will ask you to say “Allah is One” The heart will accompany it saying Allah – Allah ‘Allah Usmad’ --- the heart will say Allah Allah Now the tongue is affirming and heart is testifying and the body is acting accordingly The tongue is in detailed mention (Zikr-e-Mufassal) While the heart is in comprehensive commemoration (Zikr-e-Mujammal) Tongue is affirming by the logic "say God is one" while heart without any logic is testifying Allah – Allah. This tongue has power to speak from here and people in America can listen And heart has the power to chant here and the highest realm-the Throne of God will hear The Light which is gathered within you that will carry your prayer/salat to Arsh-e-Mo’alla. Then you’ll offer prayer --- that’ll reach to Arsh-e-Mo’alla Recite the holy Quran --- that’ll approach in Arsh-e-Mo’alla Even though you’ll talk --- that’ll also approach in Arsh-e-Mo’alla Now, this is the stage of a Momin. From hereafter next stage is beginning of the "Sainthood" Now, what is sainthood? When it is chanted every time Allah Allah ---Allah Allah penetrates in every vein then the souls inside you, they also start chanting Allah Allah And once these starts chanting Allah – Allah Then, at this stage it is considered as sacred as a mosque, Ka’ba Then these blossoming flowers (Gul-e-Ghulzar) are like a Paradise For them, this becomes the Mosque. then these blossoming flowers are like a Paradise for them They start nourishing with the Noor/Light of this Allah – Allah Those souls become powerful in this body, with the strength of noor/light of Allah – Allah You might have seen yourself wandering in another city in a dream That’s your inner creature, a satanic creature, which is self/nafs That keeps on wandering in gatherings of Satan’s Now, the remaining spiritual entities have got awakened with the strength of noor/Light of God You imagined that what Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is doing? They (spiritual entities) come out from this chest and went into the feet of Prophet Muhammad PBUH For this time Bullah Shah said “People (remember Allah) five times a day while a lover remembers all the time people go to mosques lover goes to sit in the feet (of Master)” Those people who remember Allah five times a day in prayers, climax of their approach is up to a mosque And those who chant Allah Allah by heart they reach up to the court of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) When reached in the feet’s they obviously bestowed. Prior to this stage was Shariat-e-Muhammadi (law of Muhammad PBUH) Now, you must have read somewhere that there is also Shariat-e-Ahmedi You must have read in any book of Tasawuf (mysticism) In this world/Nasoot the name of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is Mohammed [PBUH] Here the Shariat which is for worldly people is called Shariat-e-Muhammadi There in Baitul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of kaabah) Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is called as Ahmed There is also a Shariat/law. There the souls also offer prayers; offers with group (Jamaat) When your souls will be powerful then these will also get Shariat-e-Ahmedi Then these offer prayers over there. Here is your Kaaba Their kaaba is in Bait-ul-Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of kaabah) Bait-ul-Maumoor is original. This kaaba (in Mecca) is a copy/duplicate Allah showed bait-ul-Maumoor to Prophet Abraham to build this type of Kaaba in the world Here this mock body you are having; your real souls are there These physical bodies will die, those will never die. And the souls of Shariat-e-Mohammedi never raise their head from Sajjda (The Prostration) until Allah replies …“Labaik Ya Abdi” "O my servant I am here" They raise their head after they get reply And the law of Shariat-e-Ahmedi was existed even before that of Shariat-e-Mohammedi Its evidence is this that when Prophet Muhammad PBUH went up in the Night of Ascension before setting out to journey to the Night of Ascension (Shab-e-Mira’j) The Prophet (PBUH) led a prayer to all the souls of Prophets and saints at Bait-al-Muqdas Which prayer was that? That was the prayer which already existed. Then which was the prayer that was granted upon approaching heavens? That prayer was given for these people, which was called Shariat-e-Muhammadi. Hereafter the next stage above this is Makam-e-Mehmood (Station of Mehmood) Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is called to be Mehmood there When someone reaches Makam-e-Mehmood then his final destination has been achieved Then the Man and Allah become unveiled to each other, comes in front of one another There his destination ends. When Ghaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani) approached on this stage he said "whoever reached this stage and still practiced worship or intended it, is an ingratitude to God” Ghaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani) said that “if someone offers prayer at Makam-e-Mehmood in front of God he actually showed Ingratitude” On this statement he was charged with Fatwas (verdict of scholars) of being infidel Fatwas of infidelity on this statement People were saying that even Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is not pardoned to offer prayers then how saints can be pardoned of prayers? This is what people say! What was the need for prayers to Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]? He [PBUH] was a prophet even before prayers He [PBUH] said “I [PBUH] was a prophet at the time when even Prophet Adam [AS] was not created”. Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] offered prayer for the sake of Ummah (followers) If He [PBUH] did not offer prayers --- let suppose did not offer on Tuesday The Ummah (followers) would have made it a Sunnah (habit or usual practice). He [PBUH] offered prayers even in acute sickness. Those were offered for the reason that if somehow tomorrow Followers might suffer from cold and flu, then they’ll say that we are also sick --- they will also miss the prayers He [PBUH] went to perform Hajj -- [PBUH] did not need go to Kaaba If the Kaaba can come to Rabia Basri, then couldn’t it come to Him [PBUH]? He [PBUH] was the Kaaba of Kaaba But if He [PBUH] did not go to Kaaba! Those people who say that we’re like Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] Then how they would have gone to Kaaba? They would have justified that Prophet [PBUH] himself didn’t go to Kaaba and asked us to go When someone reaches to that stage with apparent body Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] approached there And these which are the creatures of inside --- from these the saints approach there When one once reaches there, then both (Allah and saints) see each other with love & affection with a sense that he has travelled so far off came after great struggle --- came after putting his life in immense threat Then Allah looks at him with great love --- Then Allah says: “I see you and you see me” They look at each other with love & affection Allah’s image makes its way to his (Saint) eyes, from eyes it travels to his heart when it (image of Allah) approaches in his heart then Allah instructs him to go back to the people now on “whoever will see you, will see me” This is one who is called Perfect Spiritual guide (Kamil Murshid)

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Posted by: theallfaith on Feb 1, 2010 His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering a lecture to a huge gathering in Lahore (Mochi Gate).

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