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Veno elaborate: CrossOver Interviews(Not Emotions but Expressions)

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Clarification of Crossovers - Veno Hi this is, Veno again. communicating about the clarification of, the crossover interviewees, ok. Now, 'depending' on how extensive your mind consciousness system 'integration' within and as the entirety of your being. 'Depends' how long, in terms of your cross over, in the moment you 'cross over' You will go into 'quantum realization'. Now, for instance..children, the moment they are cross over they are aware. They're 'Here', they understand everything we have ever done in process since the beginning, since two and a half years ago. Even though they weren't 'Here', they understand, everything. All knowledge and information, of everything, even experiences. All within and as 'one moment', they stand accept see understand, and apply immediately, they go into 'immediate' application. Though when necessary, even children occasionally go through the.. Process that we have setup that 'all of us' in heaven, have done. So we go through specific processes it's quite a few. To go through to assist ourselves with 'practical application, support' for human beings on earth, through self-forgiveness and self-application. Now..if you're a mind consciousness system is 'really extensively integrated' for instance this 'atheist' that died, he was, 57 years old when he died. Now, so.. 'Me' being with the crossovers, I know 'how long' (laugh) I have- before they're going to you know 'quantum realization' so in other words with the int- with the 'atheist' as an example, I had that amount of time, to 'fuck with him' a bit, before he went quantum realization, and then 'laugh with me'. Thus! human beings that do their interview, human beings? (laugh) 'Dimensional beings', that do their interviews, through here.. They've crossed over awhile ago, but they're still in their processes processes take go through 'seven earth days' (smile) So it's a lot of processes 'depending', on this specificity, of your application. So, when beings come through here and do interviews, what they do is they 'acutally go back', to that 'space, of their experience, of themselves' while they are here on earth! and then also after they crossovered so they basically, "speak, as the experience of themselves" - in the past, of what they'd gone through. That's why- in terms of when they say anger or- or have used any emotional feeling words, understand that "it's not" emotions and feelings, understood of the mind. It is 'actual expressions'. Now such, expressions can only exist 'if the mind doesn't exist'. and you're "actually" only able to do this..perspective of expression, of going back in time standing in that moment of the experience of yourself, and then "speaking" it, and then "expressing" as they're speaking it. So therefore.. for instance in the Hitler video as well that he's done in the interview, for his experience. 'He goes back into that space', in which he experience himself, and speak. and then speak, and express, human beings: What it is that he's experienced. So, dimensional beings come through here, and they speak what they experience in that moment, while here on earth, and when they crossed over. and the words flow and come, but it doesn't mean, that's who they are. In anyway whatsoever, they're merely 'expressing, in the moment'. So human beings, when you don't have a mind anymore, You will understand wha- and 'actually' experience 'what expression really is'. So when they become em- 'apparently emotional', it's "not" they're becoming emotional, it's not of the mind. It is an 'expression of self', through a clarity of self, to communicate to human beings, human beings can 'clearly see', what has become of this world. Thank you very much..this is Veno, just clarifying, the interviews that come through here. These specific words that are spoken, and the expression and 'why' Thank you very much. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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