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Missing child killed by Uncle - Jacin 2

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Desteni Presents: Jacin 2 of 2 Hi this is Jacin again so I was thrown down on the ground numerous times while my uncle and his friends just laughed and laughed and laughed as though I was a doll and I was handled as one and- just before I died it really felt like my whole body was just crunched up into this little mess and so my uncle and his friends took my body and- buried my body in the field, and following day, contacted my parents and said that he was out in town, and he was sitting outside with me next to him and he turned to talk to someone stood up, to talk to someone and left me there in my in my little tram and he said someone had taken me and he didn't see and even such a story he had spun doesn't even make sense but my mother and father went into a absolute frenzy and they are still thinking that someone had taken me that I am might possibly still be alive, but I am not (sigh) and, I was looking at the- the construct of family of parents wanting children and I do not understand why parents have children in the first place when all that they do is they give their children away, to the system to this world send them away to schools send them away to day care send them away to universities send them out of the house parent playing little to no role in a child's Life in- their growing up of the child's experience in this world they have a child and then send them out into the world let the world take care of the child it doesn't make sense why parents would want children it's like children has become some form of trophy to just have oh I must have a child, so that I can say I have a child and then love is based on me sending my child to the best school me sending my child to have the better education providing for my child sending the child off on a golden platter to the system of the world to mold and shape and form and take care of the child for you so why have children if you are not actually walking with them in every moment, one and equal as yourself actually understanding and getting to know who your child is no parents really understand whats actually going on inside their children because they can't know, the children is more outside in the world in the system being initiated into this world into the system than you actually getting there into within the inner core of who your child is the inner being than walking one and equal with and as them within this world so parents or beings who just want children to start a family or to have a family to have a child please observe your starting point of why- the reason why you want this child and observe really how children are just being sent away all the time, it doesn't make sense that parents would want children it is the most bizzare manifestation existing within this world it's like having a child has become the new fashion having a family has become the new fashion and then look what happens to us there are so many children that unnecessarily suffer within this world because the starting point of those who have children in the first place we're here to assist and support human beings within this world who have lost themselves already within the mind and the system of the world so hear us- when we speak we might be children but we are not stupid our expressions are specific our words are specific both in this world and here now where I speak just observe us we are so specific in our expression and we cannot accept or allow us children to suffer because those who have children don't see us don't hear us and then we first have to die for you to see and hear us observe your children and observe your starting point for having children to not just send them off and away to places and people that- you know will influence your child to extents and extremes that you are not even aware of walk with your child one and equal, here in every moment assist and support your child into the expression of who they really are not just another person in the system, in this world having to survive thank you Please join us for Discussion: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jun 8, 2010


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