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WGM - Nickhun CUT

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[12:00 PM, on August 2nd 2010. Teen Top's Star Cam, Start!] You can come with me. We will soon be performing, now we are ready to go on stage. C.A.P is getting ready. L.Joe always brings his Mp3 with him. Changjo... Is acting like a bird? [Perfect dancing + Perfect vocal, that's TEEN TOP!] I actually was the box! There are many fans to support us. Yes, we are very thankful to them. I feel very grateful and I almost cried on stage. Oh yeah ~ You're doing really good! Go shake it! ~ Go shake it! ~ Where are we going Ricky? Guess away! ~ Can you make spicy rice cakes? So we need a rice cake? Just only one? No, we will need more rice cakes and a little practice. Come on out. [Grocery store near Ricky's house] It can't be too heavy Ah, i'm too old! This is also manager hyung's money. Come quickly in the car. Ricky, is this your neighborhood? Ah~ And there is my old elementary school. We have now arrived at Ricky's house! I think Ricky is happy that he can return home. Oh, Ricky is here! Can you stand in front of the picture of yourself? I still look the same as in the picture Hello! Hello! And this is my mother. You have to cut like this. Mom, like this? No, like this. Do we have to wash it before we start? No need to. [You have to wash it first! ~] Yes? Oh really, thank you. You didn't wash it first? Son~ The water is boiled finished! You have to boil the eggs~ Don't you kids like to eat eggs? Ah, it's hot! Pour a little extra, so it tastes better. [Poured too much already!] [Dare each other to taste it~] [C.A.P is the first person to taste it!] How is it? It's only me who eats! It looks good. It must be good, because it smells nice... [Ricky's dad is the first person to try the spicy rice cakes!] Is it good? It's delicious! Too much fat. The rice isn't cooked. Delicious. If you think that it is good, then it will taste good. Your handwriting is not pretty. Why is that. Worst of all the members. I'm not a genius, so I can't write pretty! [Teen Top's small concert] What do you think about the solo in the concert? Actually, a little bit embarrassed. - Let's do it together! Stand here~ Come here quickly! Do you know this dance? Can you say a sentence in English? I don't like English, I really don't like it. It's late now, and we have to go. Let's go. I'm going then. Sometimes we come and visit my home. Hug your mother and say goodbye before we go, Ricky! That is not a goodbye. The viewers might misunderstand it. Goodbye~ Hello, we are currently on University K events. Come out of the car. What are we going to do today? What is the reason to why we came here? Today we will be performing here. There will be many people there. Are they coming to our place? Right? Right? This is the waiting room. Shouldn't we greet the seniors? Let's meet them offline~ Hello, we're Teen Top! Top Teen is now holding the camera, so I think that the image will shake a lot So I was a bit worried. Please say something to Mnet Wide. What can I say to Teen Top? Say something to the viewers. But why are you the only one, holding the camera? He is the new PD Yes, hello. Yes, hello viewers of Mnet Wide. Please give much love to Teen Top. Yes, thank you! "Clap", listen to "Clap" and it makes your mind more then pleased! Yes, thank you! [Due to strict schedules, Top Teen can only eat Kimbap] [But they never lost a smile on their faces] [Passionate performance of the Beastly Children Group Teen Top~] Thank you. I have no idea about this. Just following the others. I want to give it... To my mother. My parents. I would also like to give it to my parents. My father is at home and my mom is in the U.S. When we make cake, which is the one? It really looks like rice cakes! How do you do this for it to be like this? The teacher said that it must be 30cm in length. Bake at 250 degrees. This is the person who always take care of our hair. We will give him the bread. How is it? I have to eat it first. Yes. It's good enough. But my hands are not very clean. This is the makeup room. Our pictures are also here. I'm almost in tears Ah, don't cry. I'm really pleased with the bread we made​​.

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