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The issue of when you're putting down the rhythm track and you're being the first guy to step up on this, is a question of tuning, and not having a tuning reference. Remember when we used to have a tuning track? 'Cause you may not be out of tune within yourself, but you may be sliding, or coming up or down depending on the room temperature and whether that becomes a problem because I know that happened before. That's happened before in the past. Not even that, but just within the song itself. If you're playing through, by the end of it the tuning may... The overall tuning may have slipped and you don't discover that until you're over-dubbing other guitars. And we're going, "We're out of tune", and you go, "Oh, the rhythm track... "has slipped down." If that's something, whether we just do frequent stops, 'cause we're doing some fairly big chunks of audio without tuning inbetween because it wasn't causing an issue within itself... I've got to say, that the way that I've worked with Rick and most of the other guys that I've worked with that the tuning was always an issue. - It is. - Tuning is always an issue to deal with. It's one of the big things that we'll have to deal with, but Rick is not a... Compared to most of the guys I've worked with, he's the least stickler on tuning. It's not about things being perfectly in tune, sometimes he likes it out of tune. If we start winding up our focuses on getting something perfectly in tune - my instincts are we're making a mistake. - I agree. I have a pretty good ear, and I'm pretty sure you guys do too, once the stuff starts to sink we'll hear it. And there is some reference stuff here, some of the songs have notes that the basic track stuff was out, but... to be really wound up, it's easy for the balance to get askew there in my opinion. So as far as a tuning reference... - You're talking about laying down... - That's one of the ways... If you're dealing with tracking large sections if you're doing the song in literally one or two passes, you're going through and you're getting most of the way through the song, the tendency is therefore, the temperature, the fact that Zac's standing when he's tuning and you're sitting. That whole thing. What I'm trying to avoid here, is we end up with a rhythm track that you love, and now you find out that it's actually slipping. And you start adding other stuff, and you go, "Now what do we do? "Do we bring the other stuff down to where it is sitting because we love the rhythm track." Or do you end up going backwards to re-track it which means a re-call, and the accuracy of that re-call and whether it's going to come back 100 per cent.

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Metallica Music Video

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