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Salbuchi - Second Republic Project - Pillar 4 - REINVIGORATE REPUBLICAN INSTITUTIONS

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Hello, Adrian Salbuchi once again. This is the fourth pillar, the fourth video in the Second Republic Project. I called it Reinvigorating Republican Institutions. If the first step is to recover the Nation-State, restore the Nation-State, and the second pillar is to recover Sovereign Currency, and the third pillar is to reject the Debt-based Economy, then the fourth pillar is to recover, reinvigorate Republican institutions. If politics is no longer depending on money power then we are half way to our goal. This means that citizens will be able to access government posts not surfing on huge waves of money but by showing what they know how to do, debating their ideas, being good people and that's what we need in government. It means wrenching the monopoly over political power from the political parties, the social organizations - political parties - that are most dependent on money power. It means that political representation can be channelled via a myriad of legitimate intermediate social organizations. Not just the political parties. Why not the teachers' unions, the engineers', the lawyers', the students', the artists', the technicians' associations? Why not neighborhood councils? Why not leages of housewives? Why not veterans' associations, small business associations, trade unions, religious organizations? I'm sure the Housewife Union or the Housewife Leage would have a better candidate who would have better first-hand knowledge about the economy then many other US Republicans or Democrats. I know that the Forest and Conservation workers will no doubt know much more about the environment than a Labour party leader. The teachers' union will know much more about the educational crises, how to solve it, than some stupid government official in Washington. We need to bring back our political intstitutions to health, to use common sense. How can we expect to have a truly independent judiciary, for example, if we have a Nation-State that is a colony, that is colonial that is usurped by other interests. How can we have Congress that works if lobbysts are allowed to slush money around promoting the interests of banks, oil companies, drug companies, war-mongering defense contractors, Israel or abortion right activists, all of which have one thing in common: they are against the rights of the common working man and woman, they are against the common citizen. Depending on the country you live in this entails having a new Constitution, as in Argentina, or a new Bill of Rights, or a new Declaration of Independence as in most every country in the world. In all cases it requires founding a Second Republic that is sovereign and freed from the chains of our present colonial republics subservient to the global money power elite. This is a revolutionary act. This is a declaration of being free. This is a statement of wanting to be free and living in dignity.

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Posted by: wingman007 on Mar 20, 2011

4th Pillar: “REINVIGORATE OUR REPUBLICAN INSTITUTIONS” – A very key issue, indeed: it means liberating our republican institutions from dependency on the Money Power. Sure, today’s money-addicted “democracy” system is music to the ears of the rich and powerful who can hijack and run entire governments, decade after decade, by just selecting their best employees and then lavishly financing their public images and political campaigns. Then, independent of who “wins” the elections – republicans or democrats in the US; conservatives or labor in the UK; the ‘right’ or the ‘left’, just about anywhere – the result is always the same: “they” always win…

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