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Expectativas Jordi Adell en la PLE Conference 2010

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Hello, my name is Jordi Adell and this is a small presentation about my expectations on PLE Conference I think we already have enough definitions about PLEs… all kind of them I think we’ve got a growing number of analysis about the difference between PLEs and LMS I think we’ve got enough valuable recomendations and tutorials about how to use tools to build our own PLE. I think we already have enough PLE diagrams I also believe we have too many speeches, without much basis, about the end of the university as we know it and the advent of PLE as the "Next Big Thing" that will revolutionize everything and we have too many because PLEs are not an alternative, but a complement in education. Not everything can be learned from books or in the Internet. We still need practices, workshops, hands-on sessions and mentors to educate qualified professionals. There are too many of these speeches, also because PLEs are asking for intellectually competent learners, and they are typical product of the University as we know it. because PLEs require free and worthwhile tools and resources such as producing in Educational Institutions and because everybody don’t think in PLEs from the conceptual framework of education as a private question. we can also think about PLEs from the european tradition of "citizenship education". Thinking in PLEs as the alternative to institutional education is the last formulation of "home schooling". and what I believe we need? what I’m looking for at the PLE conference? I’m looking for reflective and practice experiences about the use of PLEs in different contexts, specially in Higher Education. I’m looking for positive and negative experiences, we can learn a lot from the mistakes of others. I’m looking for analysis about every kind of barriers to use PLEs and how to overcome them in order to integrate them in Formal Education. I’m looking for recommendations to undertake the radical attitudinal change which implies use your own PLE, beyond practical skills. The easiest part of learning with a PLE is using tools and I think we need a new perspective to take on a new way to build knowledge and teach overcoming the classical “conduit-substance approach” where we -teachers- are anchored. Finally I think we need to introduce things like searching, communication, creation, self-expression, compromise, authenticity and emotions in Higher Education. and I beleive PLEs could help us to brake the barriers of the institutions, at least to make it transparent, and to connect our students with the world. all that and more I’m looking with a PLE Thank you very much and hope to see you in the PLE Conference in Barcelona

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Duration: 3 minutes and 11 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Jordi Adell
Director: Jordi Adell
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Posted by: lindacq on Jul 4, 2010

Pequeña introducción sobre las expectativas de Jordi Adell ante su inminente participación como ponente en la PLE Conference 2010 en Barcelona (7 y 8 de Julio de 2010)

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