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Enlightenment in the Family? Sadhguru

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What is enlightenment and what is the path To enlightenment for people like us who have social and family situations is there something like a path that we follow and then we becom enlightened that's you learned the art of asking questions three in one question what is enlightenment what can I say I wish I could find words for that so to put it technically what is enlightenment means your experience of life has crossed your experience of life has crossed the limitations of the physical dimensions beyond physical have come into your living experience moment to moment so you live in the body you are not it. Though you use your mind you're not it though you live in the world you are not it Or in other words you have become perfect stranger to the world the body and to your own mind distance has come within you now once the distance is there if you wish to withdraw you can withdraw but if you want to play you can play Because anyway there’s no danger of getting caught up with the world Or with your mind or with your emotions Or with your body once there is no danger you want to play you can play any kind of game isn’t it? So enlightenment is certain freedom Freedom that releases you from the very process of life and death how do we get there We just started a little step The small way you made a beginning But the first step is always the most significant step because the first step has to happen in the right direction turning into the right direction itself is a great step Even if you don’t walk the path see now you're facing this way but enlightenment is this way you just turned in this direction you dint walk this path it doesn't matter you've turned in this direction that itself is a fantastic step because someday you will walk you're bound to walk Either you walk outta ur own intelligence Or you walk because life bites you very badly When life bites you very badly then you’ll say whats the hell is this all about which way out of all this if you're intelligent You will walk before life bites you otherwise you would try to walk when life bites you but when life has bitten one of ur leg Its to walk with one leg is difficult you know but you turn in that right direction That itself is a great step so the people who live in family situations is there a possibility your family has nothing to do with your enlightenment Nor your monkhood has anything to do with your enlightenment By taking by becoming a monk or becoming a family person you are just choosing a certain atmoshphere to live in What is within you will not change because Of this isnt it? Yes whatever is the kind of atmosphere that is suitable for you conducive for you you choose that If the family atmoshphere is conducive for you You choose that living in the forest Is conducive for you go to the forest You want to dig yourself into a mountain cave and live there, do that what ever is conducive for you Don’t ever believe by going to the mountain you will get enlightened By leaving your family you will get enlightened No it has nothing to do with that Because its an inner dimension what kind of external arrangements you make for your own life has nothing to do with that

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru what is enlightenment, and what is the path for people in family situations. Sadhguru replies that enlightenment is when your experience of life has crossed the limitations of the physical. He explains that your family has nothing to do with your enlightenment, whatever kind of atmosphere is suitable for you choose that. (AO80)

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