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C5L10: Overhead

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Ok in our final look here at the line of the ball. We are going to take a look at how effective it can be used on overheads. A lot of people blow overheads because they loose their syncing up with the ball. They sort of ice skate around as the ball goes up in the air. Then they loose their orientation to the actual best hitting spot. So take a look here in slow motion, I am going to hit a lobe. You can see how it breaks the horizon level see this now it rises. Paul can see right as its apexing, right there and now it starts to turn the other way. He stays oriented the entire time to the 45 degree angle. Thats how he makes sense of this line of the ball. Its very important. We are going to take a look one more time here. I am going to make contact here and hit the lobe. He is going to see it hit my strings which gives him a lot of information. Right here he is split stepping, right as I make contact now. He is on the ground see's where its coming and he orients his body very slowly, but its his first move to the 45 degree angle. Establishing his relationship to the on coming ball. There it is look at his positioning he is right there at the 45 degree angle. His eyes stay straight ahead, see that his eyes are straight ahead looking at the ball coming. Right as the ball gets past the apex he just slowly reaches up to that 45 degree angle and merges with the line of the ball right there, at the 45 degree angle. Its quite simple, its really important you discover this line of the ball and you understand how the ball is going to fly and where its going to land in relationship to you reaching up at your 45 degree angle. There is not a lot of motion in this over head but it is hit very well and very effectively.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 12, 2014

Follow the lob into your strings on the overhead.

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