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Utimate HRIS Master

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Hello, I'm John Wilson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Rollins. I have exciting news to share with everyone and would like to take less than five minutes of your time to tell you about it. You see our business has become more complex and diverse over the years as we have grown in the US and expanded our international footprint. As you know, we have a lot of manual, paper-based processes in place today and even something as simple as changing your home address can be a cumbersome task. When you consider that we now have 13,000 team members around the world and are approaching 2 billion in revenues, we need to become smarter and more efficient and how work gets done internally. So, in an effort to better manage the increasing complexity of our business, over the next few months we will be implementing a new integrated payroll and human resources information system. We have partnered with Ultimate software to implement their top rated solution. This is a significant investment that has required over a year of work to get integrated in the business. Our payroll and human resources teams have been working diligently to set up our new systems which we will call This solution replaces our existing talent systems and today's manual processes with modern technology. will allow us to transmit employee information seamlessly to other key business systems such as BOSS and keep our employee directory current and accurate. It will also give us greater visibility to our existing team members and help us address future talent needs. Overall, the solution will accommodate the size and complexity of our business and is a platform that we can eventually use around the world. So how will benefit you? You will have immediate access to your personal information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere, via your phone, tablet, or computer. You'll have more reliable and automated tools for payroll, learning, talent management, onboarding and recruiting. Employees self-service will allow you to be in the driver seat to easily make address changes, direct deposit, W-4 and much more. Manager self-service will automate team member changes like, job changes, transfers, and promotions. We are excited about enhancing our employee experience by providing immediate access to information and the ability to make changes in the timely manner. In the beginning of December, we will go live with the recruiting, onboarding, and the learning modules. In the middle of December, we will start migrating to the time and attendance module. More specifics will be shared by brand. In January, we will begin processing payroll in So in the coming weeks, you will see short video messages from our human resources leaders outlining when and where training will be available. It is your responsibility as an employee and a manager to attend the appropriate training so you can learn how to effectively use the system. Oh, if you aren't a whiz at computers, don't worry. The system we chose is simple and intuitive with short, built-in training videos available at your fingertips if you have challenges. I'm confident you will find this to be a welcome replacement for you and for Rollins. This is a big change for us, so be on the lookout for more information coming your way. I ask two things of you to help us make the transition to Stay informed by reading and watching the communications about that will come your way in the next weeks and months. Invest a little time along the way into learning what you need to know. If we all do this, the transition will be very smooth. Thanks for your time and have a great day.

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Utimate HRIS Master

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