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Out On A Limb - Part 3/24 - 1986 - Shirley MacLaine

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I didn't want anyone to recognize me so I employed the first of my Greta Garbo's disguises.... How are you? These are for you. I haven't been able to concentrate on my work... I can't stop thinking about you... I too! Are you hungry? Eat it, it's really good. Yes, I should eat before I go... What do you mean? I thought you could stay... No....I have to go home. OK... I can get some time tomorrow afternoon... OK.... Well....I'm sorry. This is as new to me as it is to you... But come with me to Paris next week. I don't have that much to do we could spend the weekend in the country. What are we getting into here, Gerry? I think we're already in it... A present. It was that hair of you, that really xxx for me. Right here... E o placere sa va vad???- Merci beaucoup! Poftiti, va rog. Everything work xxxx? -...smooth. xxxxhotel promises....he won't tell the press I'm in town. -Great! No tails on me either. ??? So...let's have a fantastic meal. xxx xxx a love scene film. Do you find yourself getting involved? Getting involved? How do you mean? know....all??the love scenesxxx You mean physically? Yes. Well, they xxx really up to take 25; and then xxx And after that, they fall automatically...??? Oh, my God, there are four English journalist over there... So...we're having dinner.... I don't want to read about this in the papers back home...oh, no! Gerry... Hello, Gerry! -How nice to see you! Ms. MacLaine....what brings you to Paris? We're working on a project which I hope ends xxx ...trying to solve the problems of the world, eh? Well, yes. How do you think the vote will go on the xxxxnext week? Just give me a moment here, will you? And then I'll come and discuss it with you. Good! Nice to see you! - Nice to see you! Gerry, stop acting so strange... People can be friends... I think we should proceed at a slower pace. All right...whatever you say. I might have to spend some time with them... Now...tonight? What about us tonight? I wouldn't be a very good company... I need to think.....I... Listen, why don't I just leave Paris...and we could see each other some time again in the future? No, I don't want you to go! Do you know Saint Germain only????? Ya. -Meet me there at that small hotel, as anyone... When? - Tomorrow! Gerry....when you started this relationship with me...didn't you know that anything "public" would be difficult? No, not really. I suppose, I didn't think... I guess I just go...tell them I have an engagement or something... do what you have to do.... All right. Thank you! It's really been wonderful! -My pleasure! - Thank you! I stood there asking myself what is this mysterious attraction... and how much was I wiling to put up with it to find out? I'm sorry about last night! Oh...I need you! ...just right the way up....pull this...xxxx ...and the blanket, straight.... Do you have time for breakfast? -No! Can you find your way back, all right? Sure, I've found my way back from wilder places than the french countryside... You better hang on to this.. The room we have brought to light for that weekend came to a silent stop. The walls closed in on me... Neither one of us had even mentioned the word "love"...

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Duration: 10 minutes and 9 seconds
Year: 1986
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Stan Margulies
Director: Robert Butler
Views: 363
Posted by: gabystan on Apr 2, 2013

Out on a Limb was an autobiographical book written by Shirley MacLaine in 1983 and adapted for television in 1986. The ABC Television miniseries starred Shirley MacLaine (playing herself), John Heard as "David Manning", and Charles Dance as "Gerry Stamford ". It details MacLaine's journeys through new-age spirituality. We follow MacLaine from California to various locations including New York and Europe, culminating in a life-changing trip to the Andes mountains in Peru. Central characters include "David" who is, according to MacLaine herself, a composite character, "Gerry Stamford", a married man and member of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, with whom MacLaine was having an affair, and real-life close friend and politician, Bella Abzug (played by Anne Jackson).

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