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Nozizwe Medlala-Routledge: Ubuntu: Part 2

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Global Oneness Project Ubuntu: Part 2 I do want to emphasize that we've got to make it real in our experience in our present day situation Nozizwe Medlala-Routledge. Cape Town, South Africa. Former South African Deputy Minister of Health and also in the context of globalization. But I think it is possible for both the modernity and the good values that existed in the past to coexist. I don't think in moving forward into the modern world we should leave behind those values that were critical to our existence. I mean one of the things, for example is looking after the planet. We have to look after this planet. It was the air-force given to us and we've got to protect it. We've got to -- when we pass on leave it in a condition where those who come after us can continue to exist and enjoy what is given to all of us freely by nature So it's one of those things that even as we progress as we go forward it's important for us to continuously reflect on those values that are positive, that are necessary in order for all of us to experience peace, to experience freedom to enjoy what nature has given us. This is something that is a responsibility. We have been given this by nature we've got to look after it. We've got a responsibility to carry forward those positive values and to teach them to our children. Take for example the issue of gender relations. Even as we go forward and women are getting into the areas that were previously occupied only by men -- As women enter this new environment it is important that they should continue to value that spirit of collective decision making of sharing power rather than hoarding power because this is what actually leads to conflict in a situation where once you've got power you want to hold it all for yourself. So I think that some very positive values which may have been lost or values that may have been eroded by the changes that are happening in our lives, the modernization. But we just -- It is possible to bring them into our present life.

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Posted by: global on May 7, 2008

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