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s4e10 clip 6

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What are you doing? Can't you help me, instead? I can't write You can't write? I know you can write Tell me a little about her, then [ISAK: Hi, in your speech to Sana you have to remember to include that she's really strong... I don't think many people actually realize how much bullshit she has to take. Just something I thought of.] She seems a bit bad ass, really No... Or, not like that. It's just on the outside Because she has a really soft side If it weren't for Sana, we wouldn't be laying here Not just because of the email But... One time... It was she who persuaded me To try to understand you, you know But... she's quite... She's quite interested in science and stuff like that So I thought maybe I could write something about that. Or like bring something about science So I thought, or tried to write, what's inside Sana's atoms Yeah? But... It'll just be... No, it will just be nonsense/boring Linn has called me ten times today. I'm not kidding! Yes, Linn? Hello Hi Hi, yeah I was just wondering if you could pick up toilet paper on your way home Yeah, but I don't know how long I'll be staying, so if it's... So if it's a real crisis you'll have to buy it yourself, okay? Okay When are you coming home, then? I don't know yet, Linn I'll have to see, I've got some things to do Are you sleeping at home tonight? Yeah, yeah probably. Maybe -Maybe we can watch "20 Years with Espen Eckbo" together? -Yeah, maybe -Okay -Okay? -Bye -Bye, then Okay Atoms, science... Haven't you taken any sciences? Yes Yeah, help me then! You can write about the butterfly effect What's that? A concept within the chaos theory

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