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Thierry Meyssan à propos de la bataille de Damas, Syrie, le 19 juillet 2012, 18 heures

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Thierry Meyssan, the Battle of Damascus Syria - Thursday, 19th of July 2012 - 6 P.M. For five days, Western and Gulf powers launched a massive operation in order to destabilize Syria titled "The Damascus volcano and earthquakes of Syria" Those powers lean on two main groups: on one hand, those they call "The Syrian Free Army", allegedly composed of deserters, but actually mainly composed of mercenaries and thugs, they have recruited locally. This "The Syrian Free Army" is controlled by Turkey, on NATO payroll; and then, on the other hand, Islamic fundamentalist groups, including Al-Qaeda, which themselves depend on Saudi Arabia and Qatar In order to launch this operation, they let from 40 to 60 000 mercenaries enter the country. most of them arriving by the Jordanian border, which is not far from the capital city, Damascus. During the early days, all was about organizing clashes in the city, between small moving groups who attacked isolated soldiers or isolated policemen in order to create chaos. but without particular target, more like a windfall effect when it was possible. And then there was this big attack which allegedly killed four of the main State Security leaders. But here, this is a State. So they were immediately replaced. The state stood still. It has not been affected by the death of these leaders. Immediately after, during the night, a large attack was launched in town et all night long. there was fighting everywhere around Damascus fightings the Syrian army actually won. Of course this is only a stage and everyone knows that the battle will resume tonight. And probably even more so tomorrow, Friday, which is the islamists' favorite day. We also expect that a large media operation will be taking place in the coming hours As I already announced in a previous article, satellites Arabsat and Nilesat just disconnected some Syrian TV channels and we expect a major attack against the syrian television in order to destroy their studios. We know that, in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, some places of Damascus as well as official building have been recreated in studio in order to shoot footages of fiction that will be presented as news to the audience. So yesterday, right after the attack, the minister of news information appeared on television to warn his fellow citizens of what was coming, which - obviously - is not an attack against the Syrian government but against Syria as a state. You may be surprised by what I am trying to explain since, for a year and a half, Western and Gulf media spread lies on what is happening here, making you believe that this is all about a "revolution-against-a-dictature" while it is all about a system of destabilisation of the country to lead to the downfall of the syrian army and to the triumph of the Zionist interests in this region. As you can see, we are here in the heart of Damascus Traffic is filtered by police checkpoints, but one can walk down the street. Peace has returned. Those who think that, broadcasting hoaks that might give the impression that the state is collapsing, will make the Syrian people give up, are wrong. For this is not the way their History is written. Behind me, you can see the statue of that General who, during the attack by French, knowing that all was lost ... that there was no way to resist, chose to fight anyway... and gave his life to save the city of Damascus, which was not destroyed. So here, even when all is lost, we are still capable of sacrificing our lives. Under such conditions, it is unlikely that the media operation that is planned to have a decisive impact on events.

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Posted by: meeme on Jul 20, 2012

Thierry Meyssan, l’animateur du Réseau Voltaire, est à Damas, il explique que la Syrie ne fait pas face à une « révolution contre une dictature », mais à une tentative de destabilisation menée notamment par l’Otan avec le soutien du Qatar et de l’Arabie saoudite, pour asseoir la « domination sioniste » de la région. Il affirme que les événements qu’a connus la capitale syrienne ces derniers jours sont le fait de quelque « 40 à 50.000 mercenaires » entrés via la Jordanie, mais que l’Etat syrien résistera. Meyssan, qui s’était fait connaître en contestant la thèse officielle de l’attaque du 11 sept 2001, est filmé au coeur de Damas au lendemain de sanglants affrontements entre rebelles et forces gouvernementales: il affirme que ceux-ci se sont conclus par la victoire de l’armée syrienne.

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