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>> We've already shown you how you can create charts in Power BI by dragging and dropping fields from the Fields list. But we know not everyone has the time or the inclination to do this work. So we've added another way you can quickly create visuals based off your data called Q&A. So whenever you're looking at a dashboard, if you want to ask questions about your data, you can just click in this box, and ask a question about your data. And when you're in here, you'll see at first there's some suggestions of things you can ask, such as, I can click Products and I'll see a list of products. And not only that, it will also suggest other questions I can ask, such as, I can now see products by manufacturer. I can also click on any of these items that has a yellow underline under it, and change what I'm looking at. So instead of products, I want to see sales by manufacturer. The chart will update to show me sales instead of products. In Q&A, we always try to show you the best visual for the data you're looking at, but if you want to change it up just a little bit, you can always go over here and have the same Fields list and Visualizations pane that you have if you're editing the report itself. You can also take these visuals and you can pin them to your dashboard by clicking the Pin Visuals button on the top right. When you do this, you'll have the same options you would as if you'd pin from a report. You can choose to pin to an existing dashboard, and you can see your options in the drop-down, or you can choose to pin to a new dashboard, which you can name here. So I'm just gonna pin to my current dashboard. And now I'm gonna go back and keep asking questions. So you can even ask natural language questions in Q&A as well. So for example, I can ask "which product has the highest revenue." And it will show me all the products sorted by revenue so I can see which one is the highest. In this case, it's Maximus UM-01. And still with here, I can continue to dig in deeper by switching to Manufacturers, adding more clauses, things like that. Now I'm gonna go back to my dashboard, and I'll be able to see at the bottom that chart that I pinned, and just like any kind of report tile, I can drag it along, resize it and have all the different formatting features that I would normally have for any tile on the dashboard. So as you're seeing, Q&A is a really quick and easy way to get started building visuals for your dashboard without having to go through all the work of creating reports.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 1 second
Country: United States
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
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Posted by: csintl on May 25, 2016

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