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C7L5: Inside In & Out Forehands

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This shot here running around the backhand is essential for your players to do in practice and to use in matches. It is not because of a weak backhand should not be because of a weak backhand. It really helps your foot work and helps makes your forehand huge. You always step back or at least think with your back foot your right foot because this gets you out of the way of the ball and puts you at the 45 degree angle automatically just by bringing your left, your back foot behind you. So he is lined up for the hit and he goes inside in here. I would like you to do with your students and what I do with my students I always go inside out first #1 its the easiest and they feel very good about it. He is in his coil look at his back foot, see that its sliding back putting him at the 45. He is lining his shot up while he is moving away from the hit see that and he is staying lined up because he is thinking with that back foot. Now he uses that back foot to coil again or to screw down like we talked about on the serve. He is screwing down into the hit now his hips come out and the inside out the reason I like it is because it really trains a player to go from concave to convex right at the contact because you are trying to hit the inside of the ball. It also helps train a player to leave their arm away from their body because you don't want to hit this shot with your elbow bent. So you start with tension see this see how Paul is drawing tension in his racket leaning forward, his hips are already back. There is tension in the arm as he steps back with his back foot and he keeps that tension. Look at his arm it expands sort of like a curtain would stretch along a rod see that he expands out into the hit. Also with the slightest adjustment there at the 45 this inside out can become an inside in. You don't know where he is hitting at this point could go down the line, he went inside in there. It could have been either way. Same with Warren its very hard to tell if he is going to hit this ball down the line inside in or reverse cross court inside out. This one is pretty obviously reverse cross court. He let that get behind him and he just clipped right at the 45 he let that racket head fold in and turn in and hit the inside of the ball. Here it looks the same and then bam watch this it even looks like its leaving his string inside out. Watch this because he holds his wrist a little firmer there he goes down the line. So its a really well disguised shot, lets take a look at Isner lets see if he is thinking with his back foot. Sure is see that he is lining it up moving with his back foot first to line up coils up against it and stretches out and he is going inside in very hard to tell if you really stay at the 45 degree angle the entire time. You stay lined up its very hard to tell where you are going. The inside in is a little more difficult the down the line shot, because you have to make sure you don't fall away from the ball. See this watch how he goes into the ball see that Soderling really extends out into the court. On the inside out you can pull away slightly and not that I suggest it but you can pull away a little bit to go inside out. When you are going down the line keep your vertical axis true and steady. So I really suggest you think about balance when your going inside in just thing does my player look balanced because thats what you want to be. On the inside out you can get away with a little bit there. I do think you should start with the inside out because that will get the player really lining up the shot moving quickly and making sure to hit the inside of that ball. They will really feel this concave to convex doing that drill and it seems like everyones forehand gets bigger after I start to do the inside out drill. I don't care if you do it feeding out of a basket or player to player going inside forehand to inside out forehand or with a ball machine. Just get them to do this drill where they move 3-6 feet around the backhand, line up the shot and really you know I like to flatten this shot out when they are going inside out. So they can really feel the control right there at the 45 degree angle. Pow where is it going inside out and do not forget about that left hand that has got to stay strong throughout the stroke to keep your balance and control.

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Have two shots on your racket - always.

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