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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 17:00:00-17:29:59

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This is called flowering bun. I think this is delicious. I love to make the sugar bun. The brown sugar in the San Jia, I love eating that. Noodle is also my favorite. He can't do cooking himself. They just complement each other. And his family doesn't like to eat noodles. my mother-in-law and me love to eat noodles. Where do your mother-in-law come from? She comes from Henan. What is this? Dry noodles, right? It tastes a little dry. A full bag of seasoning. They are all bought nearby. You can't feel inside. But when you go outside, you just feel like going out as aliens. Don't you think so. I bought him two bottles of yogurt. I wanted to buy one, but I am worried about that we got the same thing. I don't want to return because I have already gone. Have you heard about the old man playing cards? What he did was really dangerous It is probably one o'clock. There were still many people at that time. Those people on the construction site were eating. There was a group of people, just kidding, Throwing the beer heavily. I was terrified. You should eat more. It is really tasty. It’s delicious But No, it’s okay. You can say. I can talk you about it. I just said that, I said it all. Nothing Chang Baoming, you know. The car was also lost, and it was the car. No, it’s time to arrive. I thought it was Yuanyuan pot and I tried it for an hour or two. CX car has passed I didn’t see if anyone was guarding. I did not really follow the rule. I am afraid of that. that the head of Buddha With that bracelet. It means fortune. Right, brand? It must pay back. Redeeming a vow to a god。 But I don't know too much about that. We didn't have that rule on the train. At that time, it was about eleven o'clock. Not morning There are more people in the morning. At 7:00, the car just stopped. No one was coming up. But cleaner was all there. - Who? - The cleaner. Cleaning was not there. They must go shopping in the morning. During the shopping. - Almost going to the stop. - You are separated again. Right One can't testify for another - I don't want to testify for her. -I know. Then why are you... -So you guys must have felt weird all day, after that. It was weird. We were getting... Eating a meal, anyway, the insinuation If you want to leave the insinuation, you feel very tired. Anyway, it’s a mistake. Then Mr. Niu said something wrong. After he came up, he called Ma Ning. Didn't Ma Ning get up? But his bracelet was lost. Because this place can’t hide. I said "hello, open your eyes and have a look." But Going to the table, he found that the bracelet was lost. I’ve searched it all over the train. All around After searching, when I come back, he said that the bracelet was lost. I haven’t managed that car at that time. The Mr. Niu said something that should not be said. The Mr. Niu was definitely not want trouble I didn't wash the car. You have already called me and why are you saying this? Saying something "What is wrong with your eyes?" Anyway. -Wait, I haven't seen her on this train yet. He is not going tonight. - Who? - Mr. Niu. He is talking. You help me to analyze why he is saying this. [Inaudible] There is also this possibility But the words are wrong. This sentence will lead people to.. More passive... That is who is also... Zhao Junpeng Several men analyze this and analysis that. if you can't I still have to control two compartments. If our leaders saw, Really [Inaudible] He said that, he clearly called me. You said that You gave yourself away by concealing the truth. But my analysis is not like this What do you think I don't think so. Anyways That is, if he did not say that sentence Maybe people would not point the aim at him. But after he said this It was completely ruined If you were him, would you say that? He said this, my heart jolted. I can only tell you. Fortunately, you guys are really close. It was fortunate that you relationship is close. Really? Fortunately, you help me to guard. If I was there, I could't really tell. It's nothing to say. Because if you went to buy the meal, you wouldn't be at the scene. -I had to come back sooner or later. Anyway, I don't know. Mainly You have to care about this thing for a year. If you look at him, he is the dean. It may be even harder to talk. He put it a few times。 When you put it back, you don't have it, you know? She must cry. Come over again I helped her to search, but it wasn't there. That is, people’s mentality is too subtle. Put yourself in that situation. It is too embarrassing If I was suspected by others, I would be so mad. I think you should eat more. You should eat and I can't eat it. You can't eat it anymore. Ok I have already ate noodles at noon today. You don't have to be on duty this morning. I was It must be for me. I haven't finished eating yet. it has started You should taste, it was delicious. I can't eat. You should eat it quickly. You will regret. My mother-in-law made that sweet bun. Try it It was really delicious Just take a bite. Don't play with your mobile phone. It was not good for eyes. Ok, I need to call. Hey, hey, it is still busy. He is so good at talk. Look at those two and they are saving you. I am just kidding. Really Hello, who were you calling with? You are talking so long. Say it Tell you that you were ... last month. Who are you looking for? I should be off the line last month. I should be off the line last month. Who did you just call? Don't be so. . Exercise Okay. Sorry, I didn't sit down. I picked up a call. Would you like to eat this bun? Just one bit, I ate it. If you think it is wasting, you can actually put it. It’s not good for just one bite. Not interesting. Can you pass me a piece of paper in your bag? You see that I am so anxious that I did not buy anything. Give it all to you. Do you still have it? - I am fine. -Great. You see me, actually, I don’t know if it’s a mosquito bite. It is always green. This is the bite of the bug. I sometimes The fish are all dead, only three are left, and there are seven or eight in them. Can fish tank put seven or eight fish? Small fish —The fish tank has only been put in nine fish. - Like that size. Fish is always dying in fish tank but we have three sets. Is that gold fish? The fish in your house? Not a goldfish -The fish tank in your home is not oxygenated. - No, we did not provide oxygen. Also not oxygenated No wonder it’s dead. For Goldfish Well, just the general fish. I don't know what kind of goldfish - For goldfish, you need to add oxygen. - No oxygenation. - No oxygenation. - Tropical fish needs more oxygen. - We did not do before - It has to be added. - No wonder, it may be an oxygen problem. People saying that it can't change the water really often. Right. That water has changed. My family changed half of a tank of water at a time. And the water is not from the tap water directly connected to the water pipe. You have to put it on for a few days and spend a few days under the sun. You should know it. My family also experienced of a few dead fish. When I close the vent, it’s blowing. Blow over and sit for two minutes Who said me, let me know. You have to sort it out later. I didn't say. I did have something when I went back that time. Really had something What should I do? Get that thing. This is awkward It’s so early today and it’s still not open yet. We come early. But now the car has to move to the second floor. Every time I ran to the fourth floor and I was dumbfounded. It was all empty. I haven’t been there for a while. This time the results are so bad. The directors also has lots of problem. This time is really the problem. You say it too seriously. What I said today is really true to me. It’s not alone. Do you think they are saying to me? The police team has things and they can do whatever to take the responsibility, but I can’t do it. I can't do it. I am so anxious. You are anxious because you thought they were talking about you. But I didn't notice it, absolutely not. No need to assume it‘s about you. If people condemn personally, they will live tiredly. I am going to throw garbage and after that helping you to have a glass of water. I am drinking too fast. It only says that you love to drink water Yours? I haven’t eaten yet. - Thank you. - Let's take it. Hey, you have all taken it. I thought that you have one less bed. You are really fast. I just took it. I haven’t given it to you yet. It’s too big. Do you think that I have to do the surgery to get rid of them? Those are full of arms. You are different from me. My flat pattern is very serious in the summer. No place to do the surgery. We have. You should ask Ge Fang. - You help me to ask. - OK, I will ask her for you. She did it I also want to do it. It is like an old man. I can’t stand it. -She has only one though. One, this can't be one. She only had one at that time, one that was prominent, and then she just did the surgery. Then said that people have it because the body does not feel good? It is possible. Poisonous in the body But if you do the surgery, you will get the scar. it is ugly to have the scar. Not really. I will ask Ge Fang if I see her. Can you help me? Uh huh Did he do the surgery in Yikang? I can't remember. Because Ji Kang Dermatology is quite famous The dermatology is famous, but when Shen Jia did on his arm, I went to Kang Kang. Maybe because of Shen Jia’s mole, I have to pay 500 yuan. In fact, it is quite cheap. When I went to the second hospital of Xi'an for the vice-director, I had to spend more than a thousand. Then you went to -Xi'an? - But I told you that the effect is really not good. The scar is so deep. Because the scar flawed his skin. The skin began to stunk. That is to say that you let him dig a little deeper. No, no She is not. Because his mole is really prominent. Prominent So big If you say, do it twice. Put a small piece first, then cut a small piece. Because I don't want to have too much trouble. So I asked he to cut only once So it’s cutting deep. So cut it and make a slice. The slice is benign. that's good. The dermatology department The Cosmetic plastic dermatology It feels really good when you heard about it But the result is really not ideal. I haven’t been to YiKang yet, I see that doctor. I feel he is better than him It's really simple. He went out after half an hour. Still for locally anesthetize. It should. He can't stand if he doesn't have local anesthesia. I took the whole piece of skin away. That half an hour is done. Ah, it’s fast. I wanted to go. But the person did not allow me to go. He doesn’t feel pain after a while, and he doesn’t feel pain at night. He has never felt pain. Okay Guess what happened during that time. For rewarding her, she took him to the amusement park. It’s sweating He also did something, you know. There was a small slope. He accidentally stumbled and fell flat on his face. His arm was rubbed. Going for the first time, let the Chiang director give it to him. Then he must be in the evening, I lined up at five in the morning. Waiting to the point, and then let me get in the car, do the surgery. That hospital is very popular. Do you know that hospital? I do not know The hospital is under the new medical school. I know the hospital on the Kangfu Road.

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Duration: 30 minutes
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Producer: Ruhi Moran
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Posted by: globallives on Feb 28, 2014

Ruixian Fan and her colleague from the K165 train line talk and eat. They are on a commuter train from Baoji to Xian, and will travel approximately 2 hours and a total of 157 kilometers.

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