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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 17:00:00-17:29:59

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This is called KaihuaMo? Yep. I think it tastes really good, what about you? Yup. I like the sugar bun that she(mother-in-law) made. Especially the triangle shaped sugar bun filled with brown sugar. She (my mother-in-law) loves it! And she likes noodles too? She is not good at cooking dishes. You know? So those two (your mother-in-law and husband) complement each other then. And his family does not like noodles so much. Only me and my mother-in-law love noodles. Oh. Where is she from? Henan. I just want to eat this with GanMianPi (rolled-out dough wrappings). It tastes a little dry. Yeah. Just one packet of dressing. Yeah, kind of dry. I just got them from the closet place. You never feel this when you are home. But once you get out of the house you feel that you are like an alien. I thought about buying two yogurts for Nannan at first. I wanted to get the yogurt too. I was afraid that we both got it. I really don't want to go back. You know? I already passed that place. Usually my mother-in-law and father-in-law would get them on their way to play cards. Those vendors... at that time... What time is it? I went there at around 1 o'clock. There were so many people at that time! Those guys who work at the construction site, you know, they were eating. There was a guy made a joke. He literally lifted a beer and put it next to him. I was shocked. Haha. Eat more . The bun is really good. It is. but ... I'm full. This stuff makes you feel full easily. Is that camera still on? I was gonna tell you something. It's okay. Never mind. Lower your voice. They won't hear you. Something that's not so good. It happened on the last train. It's really terrible. I'm leaning back. Go ahead. I said everything when I was on the phone. You know Wang's bracelet? Umhum. She lost it while she was asleep. and it happened when the train was moving. When we first stopped at the train station, I thought she would sleep for one or two hours. She waited till there was the last group of people in each car. After she went to get something to eat, she was holding up her hands. I didn't notice if her bracelet was on her wrist or not. When she came back it was gone. You are talking about the bracelet that with the buddha's head? Buddha's head? The one she was wearing all the time. The one that has "FaCai" written on it. The one that she said would cost thousands of Yuan. Ah! Yeah, that's why I said this was terrible. Well she would never suspect me. but it's just... It seemed that nobody was on that train. It was a little past eleven o'clock. No, it was morning! Ah, morning! So there were a lot of people then! Seven forty to eight in the morning. The train had just made a stop at that time. So there were no passengers getting on the train. Yeah but the janitor was here. Who? The janitor. It can't be the janitor. They said that it can't be the janitor. There was only one janitor. When she and I went to buy some things, right when we entered the room, -And you two separated at that moment? -Yup. -So one can not testify for the other then. -I don't need to testify for her. -I went to get some stuff, you know? beef and stuff. -So you guys must have felt weird all day, after that. -What's that? -Like, you all must have felt weird all day. -It was so weird between those two. When she was eating, Wang kept talking about it in an implied way. Makes you feel really uncomfortable. Niu said something that she was not supposed to say. You know what she said was wrong? When Liu got on the train she called out Wang. So Wang got up. But Wang did not realize that her bracelet was gone. Niu goes, "Why are you still sleeping?" So Wang opened her eyes. She had no idea about the bracelet when she was heading to the dining car. She did not realize it was gone until she made it to the dining car. She looked for it everywhere. Up on the bed and under the bed. And then Liu came. Now Wang said that her bracelet was missing. Wang was probably not suspecting Niu at that time yet. Niu said something wrong. She goes, "I did not go to the West carriage." And so Wang stuck with those words. She called me out, why did she say that? Then Wang said that something was wrong with Niu's eyes. Anyway, it's just... -Wait, I haven't seen her on this train yet. She is not coming tonight? -Who? -Wang. -She is coming. -What do you think Niu was thinking when she said those words? Maybe she is too eager to... Try to get rid of this? -Well she might be. -But she ended up saying it in a wrong way. Those words directly got her into trouble. -There were a couple guys trying to figure it out. ...But I don't agree with what they said. So what do you think? -I don't think she did it. Well anyway, if she had not said those words, she may not have been suspected. But after she said it, those words made her seem like a suspect. -I was really shocked too when I heard those words. -Well... all I can say is that you should feel lucky that you two are close. I mean it. After hearing what you said, I feel that I'm so lucky that you covered me for the shift. If I were here, things would be much more complicated. -It wouldn't be complicated. Because if you went to buy the meal, you wouldn't be at the scene. -I had to come back sooner or later. Anyway I don't know. It's just...(sigh) What's the point of this thing? You can't do anything if you are just suspecting someone did something. Right? I feel that our feelings are really subtle. Saying some wrong can put yourself in a bad situation. So embarrassing. I would freak out if somebody suspected me like that. Eat this. It won't be good any more if you don't eat it now. -Go ahead and eat it. I'm full. -You don't want to eat this either? -No I can't. -Are you sure? -I ate too much noodle for lunch. -You are not on shift tonight, are you? -Of course I am. -How can you make it then (if you don't eat these)? -Well I am taking it for my ... -We are not done yet. -Still? -Try this bun. It's so good. -No thanks. You folks go ahead. -You will regret if you don't try it. -My mother-in-law made this. It's really sweet. Try it, it's delicious. -I'll have one bite then. Don't look at the cellphone for such a long time. It's not good for your eyes. -Alright. Haha. Just need to make a call. Why is she/he still on the line? Seems that this train saved you. That's true. -Hello? Who were you talking to? The line was busy. Um-hum. Huh? Okay. I told you last month. Um-hum. Um-hum. Who were you looking for? Um-hum. Um-hum. You must have been on vacation last month, huh? I said that last month you must have been on vacation, right? Who were you talking to again? Huh? Um-hum. Hey! Don't be so rude. Ah! Um-hum. Um-hum. Alright. Talk to you later. Oh okay. Um-hum. Okay. -Sorry about that. Eat this bun. I can't. I'm too full. -There's only one piece left. But I am too full to eat any more. Wow. -That's a waste of food. You can keep that piece actually. You are sure about keeping this small piece? Haha. Don't think so. -Did you bring any tissue? Give some to me. Look at me. I was rushing and forgot everything. -Here you are. Keep it. -You still have some left for yoursel? -I'm fine. -Alright. Good to know. -Look at this. I don't know if it's a mosquito bite or what. It's always like this. -Looks like a bug bite. (-We had so many fish) all died. Only three left. There were seven or eight in the fish bowl at first. -How big is the fish bowl that can fit in seven or eight fish? -Those are small fishes. -My fish bowl only fits nine. -Pretty much this big. Those fish always die. Now we only have three left. -Is it goldfish? -No. I dont' know what kind of fish it is. -Did you put that thing in your fish bowl? -No. We did not put in the heating rod. -And no oxygen either? -No. Nothing. -No wonder they died. -Hahaha. -Is it goldfish or not? -Well they are just regular fish. I'm not sure if they are goldfish or not. You still need to put oxygen into the tank if it's goldfish. -Well. I did not. -And of course tropical fish will need more. You need it too. No wonder. It must be a problem with the oxygen. -I heard that you can't change the water too often. I heard that. Also. Every time I changed the water I only replace half of the water in the fish bowl. And the water was not just tap water. You need to put it there for a couple days. And put it under the sun. You know? I didn't know this until we lost a dozen fish. -Hey. It's so nice to sit in the first row, with the wind from the AC. You know what. I was just sitting there for two minutes and someone started talking to me (about not to take that seat). This is really delicious. -It looks like a spinning top. Just keeps spinning. -We got on so early and the train is still here now. -Well we got on early today. -Our crew in Xi'an moved to the second floor. -The other day we rushed to the fourth floor and we were shocked when we saw it's all empty in there. Haven't been there since forever. -Yup. -So we are still fine after the terrible performance this time? I was wondering if we need to change our captain again. We had so many captains during that time. And I can't believe this time they did not send a new one. -I feel that those words he said today were meant for me. -Really? -Talking about responsibility. I think it must be me. -What else did he say? -He also said that if anything happens, he will take it if he can; but if he can't he won't do anything. -I was thinking that if he was talking about that thing. Makes me feel a little spooked out. -Because you put yourself in the situation he talked about. -I did not think that he was talking about you. You assumed that he was talking about you. Don't ever do that. If you keep doing so, you will end up being very tired. -Yeah. It's just a thought. -I'm gonna throw away this trash. I can get you some water. -Wow. I'm drinking too fast. Haha. -Well you do love drinking water. -Where's yours? -I haven't started drinking it yet. -Let me grab the sheet. -Of course. -Thanks. -Let's put this up here. -Ah you took it already. -Yeah I took it already. -No wonder one was missing up there. That was quick. -Ah my arm...playing volleyball. -Why do I feel that these spots make my arm look like it's damaged. -Look at mine. Spots all over the place. They are not the same though. -They ain't. I feel that the flat wart on my hand comes out when it's summer. Pretty bad huh. Is there any place where I can get rid of this? -Yeah. -Where? -Ask Ge. -Me ask her? You ask her for me. -No problem. I'll ask her later. -Oh. Did she get rid of it? -Yup. -I want to get rid of it too. It makes me look like an old person. I can't stand it. -She has only one though. -Only one? It can't be only one. -She did have only one, a big one standing out very big. So she just cut it out. They say that it's because of the toxin in our body. -It could be. -Toxin in our body. -How can we have this stuff out of the blue? But if you cut it out, there would be scars. Pretty ugly, huh? So nobody ended up with scars? -I don't think there's any scar left. I'll check her hands next time when asking her about it. -Yeah ask her for me. If possible I will definitely cut it out. -She did it at YiKang (Hospital) I think. I'm not sure. Because they are pretty famous for dermatology. -I'm not sure about dermatology. Remember when I told you about the thing on Keke's arm? We went there that time. They charged us for 500 Yuan to get rid of the mole on the arm. Pretty good deal actually. It cost over one thousand at the 2nd Hospital of Xi'an Hospital. -That's Xi'an though. -Honestly it was not that good. It didn't end up so well. The scar is still very deep now. Because they put the skin together. So that part was kind of stuck into the skin. -But you asked the doctor to make it deep huh? -No. Nope. -That thing stands out on the arm too. He told me that it needs two treatments. Cut one piece first and then the other piece. I did not want to waste time back then. Going back and forth. So I asked him to finish the treatment all at once. -So that's why he cut it so deep. -They claim that they are a skin beautifying and dermatology place. That place looks pretty professional from the outside. But it ended up not so good. I should have gone to the doctor at YiKang. I think that doctor described it better than them. Pretty easy. Finished it in half an hour. Was he even in anesthesia (in half an hour)? Of course he was. How can he take it without being in anesthesia? They removed the whole skin. And it's done in only half an hour. I wanted to go up there and check, but they wouldn't let me. He got out really quick and he did not feel any pain. He did not feel pain at night either. He seemed not to feel any pain from beginning to end. Guess what he did after the surgery? He went with Jiangwei and his kid to the amusement park. -He must be sweating then. He also went up in something there. He was rushing when he came down and there was a slope. He fell down onto the ground and hurt his harm. He was fine though. JiangWei went to the hospital to get in line at 5 in the morning for me. He waited there to save the spot for me. That hospital is pretty famous. You've heard about the hospital? -Nope. -You know Xi'an YiXueYuan? 2nd Hospital affiliated to that one. -I only heard about the one on Kangfu Road.

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Ruixian Fan and her colleague from the K165 train line talk and eat. They are on a commuter train from Baoji to Xian, and will travel approximately 2 hours and a total of 157 kilometers.

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