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Schulz's Law: First confrontation between Farage and Schulz

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Mr Bütikofere, I hadn't seen your blue card. The question is for whom? No microphone. For Mr Farage. He talked about a 'Gauleiter'. As a German, I very much object to democratic Germany being put on the same footing as the Nazi Germany. So I would like an apology from this gentleman. Nobody in Berlin is sending Gauleiter anywhere. That is speech full of hatred, incitement of hatred between European peoples. He should withdraw his words or you should insure that this something does not recur. I did not use the word ‘Gauleiter’, I said ‘as some might say’, and indeed the biggest selling Sunday newspaper in Britain used that word. If you wanna talk about hatred, just look at what this European project is doing. We have German newspapers slagging off the Italians for being cowards, slagging off the Greeks for being lazy and useless, and we have Italian and Greek newspapers depicting leading figures in Germany wearing Nazi uniforms. Surely the whole point is that this project that was designed to bring us all together in peace and harmony is actually ripping us apart and bringing back nationalisms. And if there was one country I really had a go at in my speech, it was actually the United Kingdom because I admitted the way we behaved towards Greece was not acceptable in the 19th century. President loses his impartiality. Nationalism is propagated in this House by those who who wear flags upon their desks and their nationalism upon their sleeve, I believe you're one of them. The next speaker is Mr Brok. Mr Brok has the floor. Mr Brok has the floor. Take your seat. Mr Brok has the floor. I'm calling you to order asking you to take your seat. Mr Farage, I'm calling you to order, please take your seat, otherwise you'll have to leave the chamber. Mr Brok has the floor. :: ::

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Country: Belgium
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Posted by: mmister on Feb 7, 2012

Speaker: Nigel Farage MEP, Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Co-President of the 'Europe of Freedom and Democracy' (EFD) Group in the European Parliament

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