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Hello! We are Vivien and Grace of 3/6 Today we are going to present to you, our poem inspired by Macbeth. Our poem evolves around the theme of revenge. Macbeth left a deep impression on us because he was ruthless in getting what he wants, namely, the throne. He would kill many innocent people just to make sure that his route to success was a smooth one We chose this play because It translates across strong feelings of manipulation. And we felt that it would be perfect for us to write it into a poem. So now, we'll read our poem to you! "Take the blame" said ol' Duncan "As service to king ; As service to man." My lady urged me to kill Duncan, To take over king ; To take over land." So with strong resolve, I shall kill Duncan And become myself, The king of the land. The deadly dagger spilled blood as red as a rose. Staining Duncan, from head to toe. Guilt and Shame hovered over me, its heavy stare boring into me, threatening to devour me up fully. But alas, i was left with no choice. Unable to free myself from my cage, I slayed with rage. To keep our place, we blamed his heirs ; Taking something precious of theirs. To kill. Banquo's suspecting, but yet he not know, this trip may be the last, he'll ever get to go. With his blood stained on me, his spirit haunting me, all day, all night, was a torture, alright. I, deprived of conscience went to slaughter Macduff's family. For power, for authority, I've become my worst enemy. To keep my throne, Birnam wood must not enter Nor will i die by the hands of any man born of a woman. My lords were leaving. My lady was gone. Malcolm was approaching. And i was alone. None of my opponents were a match for me. Impressed were they And in pain they'll be. With the same dagger in hand, lives were lost. And blood were spilled over the steps of moss. With triumph in reach, I revealed the prophecy, But to my dismay, Not born by a woman, was he! When his sword plunged into me, I felt no pain. For deceitful was i, and not he. THANK YOUUU

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Posted by: vivienlai8 on Mar 22, 2016


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