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Nissan GT-R vs. Jaguar XKR-S

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Ift all that you want is speed, I wonder It would yo be better to buy the Nissan GT_R? This is the new model. More powerful, more aerodynicamic and, incredibly, whit more grip. They told us that it is the acme of what is technically possible right now. . Built in a factory sealed hermetically, it’s the ultimate in precision engineering. . Every single piece, the brakes, the four wheels, the 3.8-liter turbocharged engine, the direction, the new dual-clutch gibbox and all are connected electronically to sing “The Song os Speed” in perfect harmony. Let me give you just one example: the tires os this car are filled with nitrogen because the normal air is considered too unstable. It expands and contracs too much. And I know what they mean, the air makes me crazy! It’s to big it’s too little UUUUUH! AIR!! But this “Special Touch” really be faster than the Jag? The Jag has 20 more horsepower and 50.01 Nm more and I know this is lighter and has launch control. I’m driving now, but in theory this can’t win. 3...2...1 OH MY GOD! From 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds! The Jag is just a blip! ! It’s funny, the Jag is surprisingly fast because it is a Jag. This is surprisingly fast because he is surprisingly fast! That wasn’t a win, that was a demolition I don’t remember being in a car let go this way. And don’t think that he Jag can distance themselve from the curves. Here it is, now coming through the Follow-Through as faster it can . That it’s 84.8 miles/h And here is the Nissan. Same corner, same conditions, same driver Thats 93.3 miles/h So it’s 8 and a half faster. And that explains that at the Nurburgring where there are 147 corners The Jag takes 9 minutes to do a lap while the Nissan can get it in 7 minuts and 24 seconds. That it’s faster than almost anything else with a tax license . This is an incredible car, the new gibox is spectaculary good. The engine, but is not an engine, is just a bomb takes the corners sightly and so fantastic . And if you hace the chassis and the gibox and the traction control in race mode, how are they now the grip it’s just min public . As I will demostrate grapchically with my face Lucky hell . All I got is the Playstation gibly and telling me how much damage is this car doing in my internal organs just driving a Nissan And yet dispoints everithing, this car produces less carbon dioxide than the Jag It has sits in the back you can actually used, a largaer trunk, and that 69,000 pounds. It’s nearly 30,000 pounds cheaper So, the conclusion is easy : why buy brogue that is been converted into a training shoe . When, for much less, you could have something who is designed to be a training shoe in the first place.

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Posted by: dapena5 on May 30, 2012

Subtitulos by: Pablo Dapena

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