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Gotong Royong (working together) It is very hard to be a farmer It is difficult to find the land Because lots of land near the village is already planted with rubber trees So, it takes hours of walking to find good land If it is too far, the old rubber plantations need to be cut down so they can be planted with paddy Sometimes if there is no land left I need to borrow my neighbor’s If my neighbors lend me, I can use their fields But the field can only be planted with paddy People say we are wild farmers because we always move to other areas every year If we do not move to other areas, the field is cannot be re-planted with paddy To open a field, I need to cut the wood We cut it together (gotong royong) Then we let the wood rot for between 3 and 4 weeks When the dry season starts, we burn the field Before burning the field we make a gap of approximately 3meter around the field I use matches to light some crushed bamboo Then I walk around with this to burn the wood We need to be careful of the direction of the wind And also, consider neighbor fields If there are neighbor’s fields on our right We start to burn from the right side So, the fire would spread to the left side Not spreading to our neighbor’s fields Everything needs to be prepared We need to have a hose and container of water We have to clear the access to the river or swamp before we burn the field So, we can put out the fire quickly I am afraid the fire would spread, so I need to collect lots of water Guarding the fire is tiring, even my wife is also there when we burn the field We cannot do the burning alone Because we cannot put out the fire alone We also need to work hand in hand (gotong royong) when burning We need to find 3 to 4 people to guard the fire In return, we will guard the fire in fields owned by people who previously helped us After the fire We can plant vegetables in the field After that we do planting (nugal) to plant paddy Before nugal, we need to discuss with our neighbors whether we plant together (gotong royong) or individually If we do it together I need to make food for lots of people I need to buy chicken or rattan dishes so we can eat together in the field When the paddy is ready We also harvest together When we bring the paddy home, we do this together too We need to help each other when farming paddy Working hand in hand with neighbors

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