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51K film doc Rough CUT

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I am Mohamed Shalaby I lost 51 Kilos Why 51? Not 50? Because 1 kilo is worth 1 week of my life worth the choices, the daily self struggle I encounter, In every time I see a chocolate bar or a chips bag In every time I am hungry midday and I a craving to order food or eat junk fast food In every time I come back home exhausted and reluctant to exercise I am Mohammed Shalaby and I lost 51 Kilos and I knew that it is not merely a number on the scale or how I look in front of the mirror It is more about my physical and psychological well being And that I am the one who own my life choices I have been here in Turkey for 2 years Before that, I lived for 17 years in Saudi Arabia There my life was basically, me sitting online home and ordering food, delivery. To an extent that I befriended the delivery boy when I call, they already know very well my order " 2 Shawermas, potato plate, and these pastries'' When I grew older, I got a car So I started driving, and there was no room for any movement From Home to University And while in home I order food And in University, I eat from the university's fast food resturants Also, my relation to my body! How did I perceive myself? What is wrong about being overweight? What is wrong about having a paunch? My main issue I guess was the movement i used to compare myself to my peers in that aspect When we played football, they were able to comfortably do 2 hours But for me, it took me 15 mints to lose my breath Even in a normal hangout When there is no any kind of activity We are just sitting I am always suspecting that everyone notices and I keep wondering if they are thinking that I am the only fat one And of course, jokes about my weight is inevitable! So I used to start these jokes Probably to show that I am cool with it That I am in peace with the fact that I fat However, I do not really think I was in peace with it this way And of course while shopping, I automatically just enter and ask about the largest size available Just not to waste time XXL, XXL, Perfect! But if there is no, then I just head out! My criteria in choosing seized to be the color or the model of the shirt or the trousers it is just if my size is available or not! At a certain level, I felt that I am stuck! I had to change something about my life I was suffering psychologically, in addition to my eating disorder So I needed a change in my life I needed to move on Until I came to Istanbul, which was also a time I am changing a lot of things in my life I used to study Engineering in Saudi Arabia before I come And then decided to restart and study Cinema and TV This big change was accompanied with a change in my life style I should take different decisions, and am adapting them differently Add to that, that in Saudi when I was in University or even when I was in high school There wasn't the notion of "walking to a place" Here is different, there is public transportation, And already the city is full of ramps and sloppy streets The closest walk will require you to walk up a ramp at least half a kilo It started by small choices I do That had an impact, and thus I lost my first 15 kilos I guess the motive I needed to take an action was to encounter changes in my life, just like the rock that was not really moving in Saudi, but then moved a bit when I came to Istanbul, and then moved it a little further when I started in Britain So, the notion of me pushing this rock motivated me And just thinking that this rock may stop rolling, reminds me that No! I do not want this rock to get back to how it used to be in Saudi I need to move forward This kindled me to start my journey to lose weight When I was in Britain, and I was sorta offered the chances I was living beside the gym And my diet could be organised,since there are specific times for the meals And there are healthier options Grilled for instance, instead of fried options I could say this was the moment it started! My first month in Britain February 2017! I used to have the mindset of "Its okay I will try again" "I am experiencing and its new, it may succeed or fail" and that if it failed, no it will not be my last attempt! It is a new experience but not the last! There is always a chance, to try again even if you failed This was the psychological state I try always to place myself in Which is, "It is okay if I failed this time" And then the idea of "continuity" started to motivate me as well Yeah, I was able to do this for the first 10 days, 2 weeks The first month passed successfully And then I started to see the results of all these challenges I face on daily basis After for instance 10 good choices you have made You can see that you have lost a Kilo! Or while exercising, "oh I can do 5 more minutes today" Even my food choices became better yet harder! For instance this thing I used to eat in the morning, Instead of two toasts, I started taking only one Instead of adding some salt to the omelette, I refrain from doing so These were the small choices that as I make I notice the difference I started to look different, I started to lose weight! My health is enhancing So the idea that I had was that I want to look better, and lose weight But no this idea changed to be that I am feeling more healthy And this became a stronger motive to move forward in this journey I started to see what is suitable now to my lifestyle that changed I can't really go to the gym daily for few hours I have university, which is unfortunately far and other things I am committed to in my life So I should not be consumed with the idea that I have to be in gym exercising should take place in my life more naturally It is not actually about "gym" It is about me feeling that my health is in a better shape And that my relationship with my body is better I started by something called HIIT which is " High Intensity Interval Training" The difference between HIIT and other kind of trainings is that in other trainings, for example you can have a walk and you walk for a long time, so you heart beats quicker and then the body has two choices either to burn from the muscles or burn from the fats In HIIT, because you exercise in less time your muscles don't have room of relax, it is always in action, so the body burns from the fats This, I guess, was a very important choice Because at the end of the day I have no more excuses because If I want to lose weight, well I do not need to buy these fancy equipments nor do I need to spend couple of hours in the gym Because this training I only have to do everyday for 40 minutes And I will achieve the same thing I want to attain which is my relationship with my body gets better and that my health gets better The moments when I be weak or giving up, I did encounter actually and I think I can say that these moments are very similarly lived let it be the first day or as I speak now in front of the camera. I still fear being overweight again I still fear that I maybe wont be able to pursue this lifestyle But then I remember, that this became my 'normal' lifestyle And also there are some things in my day that automatically stops me for instance coming back home, to find the fridge full of healthy options vegetables and fruits Or the idea that once I open my phone I realise that I subscribe to many youtubers who guide and speak about the "fitness" lifestyle So all my life now, after a while is shifted into a certain direction this direction stops me from going back to point zero, So remembering this is what helps me overcome the moments of giving up I encounter I also do not think it will come to an end, I will always remember that At the end of the day my choices are what is supporting me in life When I came to Istanbul, I met a friend or better say a Mentor His name is Al Baraa Ashraf Baraa told me if there is one advice I will give you; It will be Do not stay overweight! And I was really excited that I am coming to Istanbul and I will be with Baraa and that I will learn from him, but Baraa after two weeks travelled to do do lap band surgery But after this surgery, some aftermaths caused his death! At this moment,, well yeah In every moment I exercise or I train I remember Baraa, and I remember the moment he said "Do not stay overweight forever!" It is all about, the "every small choice you take" each of this small choice has its own small payback too In everyday I decide to refrain from eating fried food, the next morning I really feel better, my stomach doesn't irritate me After sometime, these small choices accumulate and becomes an integral part of your life And accumulate to be "an achievement"! You start then recalling, yeah I lost 51 Kilos But for me, every Kilo of those I very well recall it, and I remember how I lost it what was the choice I took to lose it,etc. When I used to look at myself when I was fat, I disliked it! "I do not look good, people stare at me having this in mind" "I have to lose weight, So I look better" "And to be more attractive" "And people will definitely treat me better when I be in shape" These are the ideas I had at the begining but then one realises, and especially after loosing a lot of weight like mine that, no still there could be somethings in how you look stay ugly like the Loose skin When one loses 50 kilos or more some flabby skin comes about these, really do not look good at all I remember when I used to go to the gym, And "gym dudes" all around me strengthening their muscles or their six packs while I am busy with my loose skin I can stretch it here or there And for me it is impossible to have six packs! Even the thing that does not look good now, which is my lose skin as I remember, from what I watched on youtube that of people who encountered similar experiences because this really motivated me seeing other people doing what I want to do maybe not exactly the same journey, but reached a goal I want to attain When I was watching one of these videos The guy was speaking about his loose skin And that there is no any treatment to the loose skin And all what is so-called a treatment for it is just a "myth"! the only solution is a surgery! and he doesn't want to do a surgery but one of the comments was; " Bro, never be ashamed of your loose skin, these are scars of war" I also went once to a Yoga class and the coach of the class told me "Treat your body as a temple" A similar notion is found in Islam as well which is " Your body owes you some rights" The idea is that you start to think, that I should be really aware that whatever I get into my body could do this and that to it and later my body can react because you will realise your relation with your body after 30 years your body starts to make the choice of it collapsing or that I did not really treat well when I was youthful so now as I aged my body will let me down when for instance getting up on stairs will be diffcult or when I want to have a walk, it just becomes too hard So I started to think about these things more seriously So It is all about Don't skip stations! No one should start doing a certain diet, after stopping junk food or no one should subscribe to a gym or buying a tradmill before having the will to move At the end, before you take these applicable steps that could actually be correct But internally you are should really decide that you'll start "your journey" Also, people always look to the idea of "determination" as if it is this monster that will get out when I rub Alladin's lantern, as "a determination Jinni"! And that this determination jinni could effortlessly change my life No, actually determination is in my perspective is a young child that if you feed it well, and care about it in a good way it will grow and grow in a good shape So determination is group of choices you make and gather them as by time it waters the determination to grow and your choices become better I also see if there is any achievement in my life I need to fulfill I believe I will encounter the same stages and same phases I faced in my experience or journey of loosing weight I will experience the idea of "to be able to take a big choice or achieve a certain choice I will only reach there by taking smaller choices" I do daily, to reach the achievement I aspire or generally to reach where I want to reach I never crossed by someone who is capable of having great determination that allows him to achieve everything he wants in life I also do not believe at all in "short cut" to get anywhere People generally search for things like "8 minutes to lose weight" or "if you took this pill, all your fats will vanish!" All of these things I do not believe in at all! As they say, The treasure is in the Journey! And it is an accumulation of experiences and small detailas that get assembled adjacently and thus achieve what you want to reach

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