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A surrendered life Pastor Bill Hollingsworth

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I'd been backslidden or that for about six years or so I went down to ...... A brother of mine, Bert and his wife they were heading south to pick fruit Down at Mildura, or actually at Berrigan, South Australia There was a friend, down there They were having a bit of a rally out there at Gerard And he invited my brother down and his wife He asked "Come for a ride?. " And I said "Okay". And it was out there in the bush at Gerard that I surrendered to the Lord again And got baptised in the Murray River

So from then on I came back and started walking with the Lord And the Lord started imparting, not just knowledge But the courage and strength to be able To walk according to his will in my life That's when I said to the Lord Lord, whatever happens and so on I believe you've got hold of my life And I'm not able to.. I can't please myself I'm now subject to you And you've called me to serve you and follow you By your grace, help me to obey you - whatever ! So I started doing Sunday School work And I was given an opportunity to do a bit of preaching and that sort of thing I hadn't been to college or anything The limit of my education, formal education was grade four, primary But the Lord was opening up the word to me And giving me understanding and so on

Little by little I was asked by a principal of a college in Brisbane The Assemblies of God College Did I want to study for ordination? And I said "No" "I don't feel the Lord's called me for that" But the Lord had laid on my heart The Scripture in John's gospel "You haven't chosen me, I have chosen you And have ordained you that you should go forth And bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain." So I'm not against people getting college training But I just don't feel that it was the Lord's calling in my life "I don't know what he's got for me But what he has is sufficient" And even the Uniting Church they asked me if I would go and get ordained And I said "No". But the Lord's been pleased to bless my ministry that he's given me and that sort of thing.

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Pastor Bill Hollingsworth describes how he surrendered his life to the life

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