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Hi Guys! This is Rados Cegar and I am an entrepreneurship major. Hi! My name is Nicole Gallanis and I'm a marketing major. My name is Pavan. I'm a marketing major. I'm Mimi Chiu and I'm a managerial studies major. Brianna Milka, marketing major. Dan Carroll, I'm a marketing major. An oasis is extremely important to me because it gives me time to rest and study for my next class. It gives me time to relax and prepare in between classes. Because as someone who used to commute I know how important it is to have a place where you can relax, hang out and do some homework. And to catch up with friends and meet up with group members to work on projects. It's a really good, relaxing, comfortable environment that anybody can like sit down, feel comfortable around other people. I'm up late a lot, til 3 in the morning sometimes. And I need a place to sleep between classes. I go right in there and sit on one of the couches and pass out. The oasis are extremely important to me because it gives me the time to socialize and meet new friends. When I'm in the oasis I study, relax and socialize. I like to read sometimes. Sometimes I watch a movie or something. It's nice having a place where you can eat and hang out at the same time. In my oasis I usually catch up on sleep or study or I hang out with some friends before my classes start. It's a great place to just go regardless of what you have to do, what the agenda is that you have to do. I like the Burnham Hall oasis the best because it's conveniently located near all my classes. My favorite oasis is the one in Lincoln Hall. I really like it because I have a lot of classes in there and there is a big TV that lets me know what kind of weather there'll be like for the next couple of days or so. I like the oasis in Lecture Center A because it's close to all my classes, and a lot of my friends have classes in there as well. Lincoln. There's a lot of really cool paintings on the wall that I always find myself staring at and the couches are long enough to where I can lay down and relax. The library oasis is my favorite oasis because it has coffee shop right there and it has small comfortable couches. The Burnham Hall oasis is the place I like to spend the most because it peaceful, quiet and it gives me time to nap. Which I have 15 minutes before my next class. So, I'll see you guys.

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Posted by: olce on Jun 23, 2011

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