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Survival in the Digital Age - Episode 2

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Survival in the Digital Age Stories for Info-Activists about Digital Security by Tactical Tech The new hero has emerged In today’s world there are those who seek to extract information from any source, intercept any communication, and compromise anyone’s privacy. Data retrieved 100% But every technology can be used for bad or for good and a new hero has emerged to resist evil and act in favour of the people. After his creator through him out, Ono gained the power to see the layers behind the information and decided to use the powers for good. In a world of hidden dangers, Ono’s adventures now offer a guide to digital safety Episode two: Staying safe online in public Many people don't have permanent access to the internet. Connecting to the internet is not always easy for many of us. Some of us use the Internet at work Some use our family connection But in most places, people need to use various ways to access the internet. Most of us end up going online in public spaces Internet Cafés or Tele-Centres where we are surrounded by others as we send emails, chat online, or look at websites. You might think that using public internet access is anonymous and guarantees security so that you can communicate safely with people freely, view content you want to see, and exchange vital information in privacy. In general public internet access is fairly secure and okay to use. But this is not the case at all times, Or in all places. "Manager" There are places where access to the internet is closely monitored In some places users are constantly observed. This means there are times when working from an internet cafe might be very risky or someone is interested in what is hidden from you. "Report" Public access to the internet does not guarantee anonymity or the security of your communication. In fact, public internet access is often used to monitor, and carry out surveillance of internet users. Where ever you go to get internet access assume that the place might be used for monitoring people's activity, online and offline. "Data Retrieved: None!" Monitoring activity on computers is very easy. In many places the surveillance is not very sophisticated. But there are some basic rules you should remember. If you provide your ID or have to register, you can easily be identified with all information you are looking at or transfer. Some places are arranged in such a way that allows the owner easy access to see all the monitors. Make sure you don’t compromise your work or the people you work with. Oh, what is this? The electricity went off. The most modern places operate using software that allows invisible monitoring of your activities. Computers are made to record information, once it is entered. That includes passwords. There are computer programmes that can track your keyboard activity remembering any text you type including passwords and pin numbers. If you must use somebody else’s computer, remember to then change your passwords on a computer you trust as soon as you can. Change passwords frequently anyway Most applications that you use have their own activity memory. Always check all settings before you begin. If you have to use public computers remember to delete any application history, cache information and cookies. Always make sure you are not compromising yourself or others. Use only places you know you can trust and always think about the worst case scenario: Is there a chance you are compromising the security and the privacy of your work and the people you work with? Photos and contact records may compromise other people too. Use public access as little as possible and always think again: what could be the consequences if someone discovered your activities? If there is no other alternative, take care when using public access to the internet. Stay as little time as possible. Prepare all information you need in advance and bring it on your own USB stick or other media. Don't get paranoid. Many places are safe to use. However, you need to understand the risks. Better to be safe, than sorry. "See what's behind you" "ONO's Computer Mirrors" "Quick and easy!"

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Duration: 6 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: tacticaltech on Sep 4, 2010

Stories for Info-Activists about Digital Security

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