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Losing Back the Sleep You've Gained Thursday May 2016

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[CHATTER] [APPLAUSE] Good evening, everybody CROWD: Good evening My name is Steve Gravelle I'm a resident teaching artist with Philadelphia Young Playwrights and I'm here tonight to serve as the introducer to this play I welcome you here to the play called 'Losing Back the Sleep You've Gained' by Helen Everbach Let's have a round of applause for Helen Everbach [APPLAUSE] Your hands will really get tired if you clap like that every time [APPLAUSE] It's also presented by the Greenfield Collective Let's hear it for them [APPLAUSE] Okay! So... over the past year, Helen And four other amazing young playwrights had each been paired with a professional playwright mentor and were challenged to create a brand new play The fellows saw theater together, they workshopped scenes from these brand new plays, and they worked with their mentors on developing their plays In January, we held a workshop presentation of each play and the writers have been busy making revisions over the past several months You said this is version seven of the play? HELEN: More than that, but yeah it's called draft seven Right, draft seven This is version four of draft seven Um, and, Helen has been mentored by playwright Lucy Thurber [APPLAUSE] After the January workshops we, uh, we had PYP commission five young theater companies exciting young producing companies, sorry, to produce these new five plays and we are very excited to partner with the Greenfield Collective on this project Thank you Hannah, for doing such an amazing job do you wanna talk about the Greenfield Collective? HANNAH: Sure The Greenfield Collective is a young company We make gutsy yet provocative theater for the community at large So thank you community at large for being here and taking off your socks and shoes and smelling each other's feet and joining us Yeah, it's been a really special process taking up with young playwrights and David as well it's been pretty... pretty awesome thank you Helen for your incredible work it's really about you tonight so I can't wait to share this space with you two little housekeeping items turn off your phones please, it actually is super important that not only is your phone's volume off but there's no chance that it will go off during the play If you could do that for me And also just be aware if you're on a corner that we're gonna use these liberally, so you're gonna get up close and personal And if someone's trying to come through, let them come through And enjoy the show! Make sure to have some fun, guys! [APPLAUSE] At PYP we believe that every young person has something to important to say and we thank you so much for being here Enjoy the show [APPLAUSE] [phone ringing] Drink this I'm not hungry Dehydration that's real cute Please, Zoe? There. Happy? No So how you feeling? Like shit Wanna talk about it? No Why’d you have me come over if you don’t wanna talk? I didn’t make you do anything Well why’d you ask me to then? I don’t know, safety? I’m not gonna cut while you’re standing right there watching me Well I’m flattered So, are you feeling better now? Yeah. I’m okay Have you had dinner? I'm not hungry Of course not Drink some water No, thank you. But thank you for offering I missed you at school today. What’d you do all day? Nothing Really? Nothing? You stared at the fucking wall and did nothing? I watched movies Well that’s something! Now I have post-gay-romcom syndrome I haven’t heard of that one I watched this movie called ‘Geography Club’ And it’s been on my list of things to watch for a while now I didn't and then I finally did Was it good? No Oh I liked the love interest guy, though Like he was a jock and was really cool but like all classic gay romcoms he was heavy with internalized homophobia I identified with him though I always identify with them. The depressed people in movies Like I’ll watch a romcom to feel happy and light and cute and maybe I do, but it’s inane and cheap So then I feel like I want real art I want a movie that makes me think So then I’ll watch a serious movie about serious issues and feel depressed So then I’ll need to wash that down with another happy romcom, but happiness is fake It's just a cycle At least there are happy ones But even within those stories it's so messed up because everyone is depressed about coming out It's like gay people hate being gay It sends the wrong message to youth who are trying to love this shit piece of identity they never even asked for I like being gay Well fuck you No one else does And it's always about muscular white men I hate being gay like I’m not even a ‘gay person’ Yes you are No, I’m not “Gay” wasn’t even a thing until like 1860 because there wasn't a need to label it But that wasn’t a good thing, Zoe That was because of heteronormativity or whatever There was no word for gay because it was ‘perverted’ And anyway, those homosexuals were all white men, right? I hate you You're the one who called me on a Tuesday night so you wouldn’t kill yourself It’s, like, kind of an honor Yes, Melissa. You win. You won the best friends award Hooray. Your prize is another day with me Cool Drink some water I’d rather pass out Well you're going to. Drink your goddamn glass of water I wasted ice on that You shouldn’t even buy ice Like it's not that expensive You can make it yourself for free if you’re willing to be patient Yep Thank you What are you thinking about? Nothing Gay nothing? Yeah well sort of Well let's hear it I want to cut And I won’t, and I know I shouldn’t and don’t freak out or be weird or anything. I know it’s stupid You said you'd stop I have. The scars are healing up a bit, my wrists are a little bit smoother which is good. It's just the movies, like- Maybe you shouldn’t watch so many- I like them! I’m so stupid. And so weak. I'm so fucking weak and stupid No you're not Like I put all the knives in a box together but now any time I need to cut anything they’re just all there together and stuff, just sitting in a pile and it brings up so much for me I hate myself. I’m gonna do it. When you leave I’m gonna do it. It’s inevitable I’m not leaving It doesn’t matter if you leave now or later, I'm going to do it Melissa I'm not leaving It doesn't matter. It’s a drug I’ll want it more of it and I won't stop I can’t stop I’ll kill myself. I’ll fucking kill myself, Melissa! I’m not leaving Shut up, stop saying that I want you to know Shut up I know I’m sorry. I’m sorry Please help me I just I- I need to get out of here, escape But whenever I go outside people just stare and I just think of all the ways I could kill myself I shouldn’t live so close to the damn train station Wanna live with me for a while? Melissa, you live next to a bridge over the fucking freeway Oh. Right And you don’t want me there. What? You don't want me there Yes, I do Wouldn’t Veronica dislike it? What does she have to do with this? Good Stop. Don’t do that Don't to what? Zoe- Melissa Goddamn it, Zoe Shut up I'm sorry, I shouldn't have- Say something You don’t want me to shut up? I don’t want you to shut up I don't want you to ever shut up. I’m afraid of you shutting up and shutting me out I was doing so well for a while there Hey! You’re still doing well You called me. This is healthy Healthy. Sure Drink some water I'm not thirsty I don't care I’m sorry they’re fading They’re beautiful, like tattoos of suffering Fuck you. They’re not I wish I could believe in god. Maybe that’d be good Okay. Wanna be Jewish with me? You’re barely Jewish You have a Christmas tree every year Picky, picky How long are you staying? Till whenever You don’t have somewhere you have to be? Sure I do. Eventually But you’re more important Than what? Everything Ha Can I get you more water? [chord mistake] Shit You're beautiful Okay, sure No, really Thanks I missed you I didn't go anywhere I know. But I still missed you That's stupid I know What? Nothing, you’re just being weird I can’t help it. I like you I know you do Sit over there Why? Because I said so This good? Oh Tell me you want me I want you No, like say it... Tell me you -want- me I want you Again I want you, Veronica One more time I want you so much I know you do I just wanna hear it Good Agh! I can’t Alright, what? I don't know It's hard It's so... intimate and I like you I want you to like me I do! I do I don't know what's wrong with me! There's nothing wrong with you You're perfect You're so nice to me It's easy to be nice to you God, you’re so beautiful I want you so bad Do you? Do you want me? Prove it Cute bra I'm sorry I’m sorry. No, I’m being stupid You're not. It's fine Melissa No, I get it. I’m going fast It was easier when we just hung out I know I wanna try again It's not gonna be much different I know Maybe do you want me to turn off the light? Okay Good? Yeah Okay Alright. I'm going to- I'll do it myself Is this okay? Don’t patronize me, Melissa. It’s fine Can- can I...? Uh-huh Agh! Ah! I’m sorry No, no it’s good I- I wasn’t... expecting… but, but it's good! You can do that! Are you sure? Shut up, it's fine! You can- Mm-hm How does that feel? It's okay It feels... okay It feels okay? It feels good! What- what're you doing?! I was going to- Don’t Yep! I'm sorry Can we just... Sure Would you want me to maybe- No, you don't have to But- Veronica, don't But I wanna make you... You clearly don't want to though? I mean I just don't want you to be- It's fine What're you doing? Do you want me to turn the light on? No, leave it I’m sorry that things are like this Why? This is good It’s not fair to you Come on now No, I shouldn't be making you- I love you Don't say that I know Sometimes I think everything’s okay Sometimes it is [text message] I'm sorry, I should- Please don't Okay, I won't It's probably Zoe Melissa- I won’t. I’m just saying… I love you too Melissa, you can't- I didn't (Veronica laughs) We're a mess (Melissa laughs) Yeah [text message] I- I really, I should get that Yeah, so? So nothing Come here I missed you too What're you eating? I'm not eating today That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard What’d you bring? Fluffernutter sandwich What're you, in fourth grade? Who eats fluffernutter sandwiches anymore? That’s not even actual food It doesn’t matter if it’s actual food I’m just going to throw it away Well. There are children starving in Africa Okay, you give me postage and I’ll send them all the fluffernutter they can eat Which is probably only like two bites because their stomachs are contracted That’s disgusting You brought it up Eat your sugar sandwich Don’t be a mom Fine Gimme All yours So... did you have a good day? Are you done? I guess. I’ll just BS my way through seminar It's cool Hey so I called the Trevor hotline last night I texted you last night You said you were fine Yeah, at like 8:00. I called in at like 2:00 Why didn't you call me? Well, I feel like I’m always bothering you Plus you need sleep I'm sure Veronica keeps you up We never spend the night And Zoe. It will never be bothering me to hear from you Okay Well anyway, I got in a fight with Aunt Angie and I felt like shit Was it bad? Yeah Like suicidal bad? I called a fucking helpline, Melissa Well I wish you’d called me What was it about? Do you even need to ask? I’m so sorry Don’t pity me I’m not Yes you are I’m not trying to But you are I know. I’m sorry So what’d you bring? Overcooked vegetable stir-fry Ew Want some? No. I’m not eating I’m glad you came to school I’m not Honestly, I'll prob’ly skip tomorrow Don’t you, like, have a detention already or something? So? The education system is super fucked up. Like, I don’t want to be a part of that It’s 65 degrees in here Why do they heat the school? Zoe It’s nothing It’s not nothing Stop making a big deal out of it It's a big deal! Those are new Okay, Melissa, you don’t understand Yes I do No you don’t I think I do ...Except you don’t You should have called me You could have died Okay, geez. I'm sorry You should have called I'm sorry I- I mean, I called the helpline, Melissa. It's fine. Just drop it No, I'm not gonna drop it This was an attempt You haven’t made an attempt in- Please call me when you might die? Please, Zoe No, no. Fuck Can you please call me if kill you're gonna yourself? Don't kill yourself without talking to me again? Is that so hard to ask? Is that so hard? Okay. I’ll call you Thank you How much blood did you lose? You should definitely be eating I’m not hungry That freaks me out So? Don’t you care? Doesn’t it scare you? What? All of it More than anything Wanna split my vegetable mush? So? Better Did you…? No You couldn’t tell? Girls are super different You are a girl How I know they’re different Well I’m sorry I don’t have a dick I’m not Yeah you are I don’t wish that you were a guy No? No Well good Well like even if I didn’t have a dick I could be a guy Like I could be a trans guy Oh Are you? No Are you? No Oh my god I’m glad we cleared that up because it was really pressing on me… like I was worried, where do we stand… like are we both…? I’m sorry I’m really bad No, you're not really bad Yeah? No. You are. I was being nice. You’re terrible Oh No, you’re fucking atrocious But you’re getting better Good No, I’m just teasing you. You’re not that bad Glass of water? No. Not now I like the way that you’re so good at making me feel… I don’t know Feel what? Are girls giving you strange new feelings? Sexual feelings? You’re pretty Oh, shut up Really? Yeah, really Why would I say if if you weren’t? I don't know Girls do weird things sometimes And you’re pretty too Obviously. Because I say it, like, all the time I’m glad you say it. It proves you- [text message] Oh my god. Melissa! I’m sorry I have to get that Is it Zoe? Yeah You two text a lot Yeah What, don’t tell me you’re jealous I’m not There There, perfect Yeah? We're good? Okay Wait, what time is it? Can you check the time, please? Permission to check my phone? 4:20. Blaze it Shit Shit. Cameron I’m Melissa No, Cam’s coming over Thanks for the warning Melissa, I’m sorry No it's fine. I'm going No! I told him I was with a friend If you leave it'll look like I just blew him off God forbid Melissa, I’m sorry No. It’s fine. Just let me put some fucking clothes on Or did you tell him you also fuck your friends? You know what I told him And you know what I think And sometimes it’s not about what you think, Melissa! Shit What Nothing. Forget- forget I said anything No. You did. Say it. What’s it about? Cameron? It’s not about Cameron! It’s about Cameron No… I told you- I heard you Please don’t be like this right now Please don’t be like this always I’m not being like anything, you’re the one being a- [text message] Oh my god Melissa, you're checking your phone right now? Hypocrite Bitch That's offensive Don't you even... What do you want from me? I- What do you want from...? I don't know! I’m sorry. Okay, I’m sorry! You’re sorry? So that makes everything fine? No problems here, she’s sorry. Melissa! What? So when Cameron gets here, I’ll just go then? If you wouldn’t mind No, of course not. Who would mind? No, you’re right. I’m being stupid I'm sorry Do you have your stuff together so you can… I’m ready to leave whenever you’re done with me That was mean Cam’s here Hooray Melissa I'm sorry I don’t even care No, I’m really- I know. Not now Get the door I am So Cam had an idea Hey, Melissa! What’s up? How you been? Stellar. Yourself? I’m doing great, thanks Cameron had an idea? Yes I was just saying you should stick around I really can’t. Sorry. I’m supposed to go over to Zoe’s, so… Aw, too bad. Maybe next time! Hey, invite Zoe! That’d be cool I'd love to meet her Have, uh, have you met her? You've met her, right Ron? Yeah Well was she cool? Yeah… sure… Great! This is awesome! Yeah… no, that’s. That’s okay. Thanks for… the invitation, but I really have to go What? You’re gonna bail? I mean no, this is perfect! What’s holding you back? Uh... It'll be a great opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better. You know what I'm saying? Yeah She gets me. You get me? We have a thing going Yeah I’m gonna text Zoe I am starved. Do you wanna get something to eat? Sure… I’ll be right back This is so cool. You and me hanging out. You know? We're, we’re kinda the same, you know? Like I feel like you get me. On a different level than Ron though Like... well, you know what I mean Yeah So I don’t want to be weird or anything, but um I was just wondering if you could like... let me in on like On what? People say that lesbians are really really good at, like- How do you do it? How do you go down on a woman? Uhm Um Yeah, so, uh… you ask a lot of questions and You check in about… how it’s going and if she seems happy, then you’re doing well. If she seems uncomfortable or in pain, then you stop. And try something else. And... and... I mean... I know all that stuff Like... the lesbian stuff What do you do? It’s like kissing, you use your mouth. I don’t know Chips I’m giving Cameron oral sex tips What? I mean, you said that I was- I meant the internet, not Melissa! We don’t have to talk about it. What does Veronica need with tips on how to go down on a girl? Yeah...yeah, okay. Well thanks anyway, Melissa We can talk later. Yeah Hey, Melissa. I think it’s really cool that you’re out and stuff Like, you’re really brave. That’s cool I guess Any word about Zoe? Yeah, she can’t come Zoe can’t make it? That's too bad Deja vu Yeah, she’s very busy What’s Zoe busy with? Homework Who knew she was so serious about school? Yeah I mean she just hasn’t been to class in a couple days She’s been very busy Homework Yeah Not too busy to text you though? Cameron, you in any shows right now? Right now? No Oh! But I’m really into improv Like... it's so real, you know? Like, it’s just you and your scene partner And you're- you're doing the scene and then you’re in the scene And- and then you- you are the scene And it’s all in real time no lines, just words… that are lines but they’re not scripted Yeah I've seen improv It's awesome Yeah But... I really miss... like the character work? Like when you’re working on a show, you can really dive deeper into the character and find your conflict Because we all have conflict True No, but inside us Like we have conflict inside us all the time and it’s what comes out that makes us who we are Yeah! Want me to refill the chips? No, we’re good. Thanks So... wanna play spin the bottle? No -No Okay, forget I said anything Melissa, have you ever even kissed a boy? I’ll bet you have No, I haven’t Oh You want to? Cameron, don’t be an asshole It was just a joke Well have you ever kissed a boy, Cameron? No, no. Of course not Of course not Hey, babe, have you? What? Kissed a boy? Of course, dumbass Kissed a girl No Never? Never I guess we’re all pretty vanilla, huh? I guess so Unless theater counts because I played Angel in RENT last spring, and that wasn’t too vanilla, I think Have you seen that show, Melissa? That's a great show I don't like musicals RENT is more than a musical It was social commentary about an age. It was really important Because well, a lot of people had AIDS and not a lot of people were comfortable talking about it And a lot of people died They called it 'gay cancer' I know Oh. I'm so sorry Am I triggering you? I’m not gay, so sometimes I forget that that might trigger you I’m not triggered. I just know about AIDS Of course I mean, uh When I did my research... for RENT I had to get in character You know, Angel's really complicated Like, most people couldn't play him But I did I mean... But anyways, I learned a lot from RENT Like... about gay people It's a lot harder than it seems Shame about Zoe Yeah Anyone wanna play cards? No Or, uh, we could listen to music? Hamilton is amazing, if you haven’t heard it yet. I showed it to Ron It’s good, right? Yeah, it's good Great lyrics. And I always love a good history connection. Like, that makes it, you know, really cool. Really realistic… Yeah I don’t want to listen to Hamilton So... are... Are you and Zoe… They’re just friends Cam, god Just because they’re lesbians doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a thing I don’t know. I haven’t ever known lesbians before. What’s there to know? I mean when I did- When I did my research for RENT, it was about gay men and Angel isn’t a lesbian. He’s gay. Or, she’s gay. But not a lesbian Right And obviously AIDS affected the lesbian community differently, but it just wasn’t addressed in the show… so I didn’t research lesbians Wasn't there a same sex lesbian couple in RENT? Marlene or something? Yeah, there is Well, Joanne is a lesbian ...but Maureen isn't really a lesbian. She's just a slut What? She sings a song about it Do you mean to say she’s a bisexual? No She sings a song about it. She’s just a hot slut I don't know. Is bisexual...? Is that really even...? Real, do you think? I think it is Veronica, what do you think? Do you think bisexuals are real? Or are they just sluts? I don’t know Maybe only some of them are real We’re not having this conversation! Why are you being weird? I’m not You are I'm not! Okay! You are Shut up You and Zoe never even... No I mean, if I were a lesbian… But you’re not a lesbian I mean I know I'm not a lesbian I’m just saying you’re not a lesbian, so you wouldn’t know what it’s like I mean, I know I'm not a les- I mean I never said I was a lesbian. No one ever said they were a lesbian! I did say I was a lesbian So nothing. There's no... No We’re not really a good match Oh And nobody wants more chips? No Fine! That’s- that's fine, I just- that's just fine. I just thought I'd ask But you did. Twice Yeah, I know. People could have changed their minds But they didn’t though No, they didn’t. You’re right. Are you happy with yourself Melissa? You’re the smartest person in the whole world. Are- are you happy? Yes I am so happy. I’m so happy Alright, good. Me too. I’m so happy. Cameron, are you happy? Yeah, sure I'm so happy. You know, we're so happy. That’s adorable. That's... a really cute couple. That's cute Yeah. Hey. You and Zoe should- Oh my god! She is not gonna fuck Zoe, okay! Why shouldn’t I? You’re a bad match, you said it yourself So? Yeah, why shouldn’t she? She just wouldn’t Maybe I would No. You wouldn’t Maybe I already have She’s lying Why do you care? Why does Cameron care? He's the one who keeps bringing it up No, I just thought it’d be nice if- It wouldn’t be nice For double dates! It wouldn’t be nice Okay Please stop texting her right now We’re actually sexting That’s just… you’re lying. To my face We could do sexting No. We couldn’t Guess we’re too vanilla I’m not vanilla Yeah you are I’m not vanilla Prove it What- what do you want me to do? Give a boyfriend a fucking blowjob right now in front of you Yeah, because that’s so kinky Oh, you could make out with Melissa What? She’s a lesbian. She knows how to do it You really want me to make out with a lesbian? So what? You’re not a lesbian I could turn her Is that a thing? No. It's not. I’m not making out with Melissa! I am getting more chips! I don't want any more Bite me You changed your hair Yeah It looks good. That’s a cool style Yeah I know. Thanks So how was your week? Good Well no, it wasn’t It wasn’t a good week? No, not really Why not? Oh, the usual. My girlfriend pretends that she's straight, so we were in a big fight and my friend tried to kill herself and she doesn’t like my girlfriend, so she refuses to hang out with us That sounds very stressful That’s a lot of pressure Are you going to talk to me this week… or… How are the meds working out for you? They’re doing nothing, but I don’t even know what they’re supposed to do, because nothing’s wrong with me. I don’t know why people like you are always pushing drugs It’s my job To be a drug pusher? Well, no. To take care of you That’s my job, not yours That’s a good point. Maybe we can both do it? Jeff, I don’t even know why I’m here. I’m not a kid and there’s nothing wrong with me I agree. There’s nothing wrong with you You are a wonderful young woman, but there are people in your life who are worried about you I’m worried about you and I want to check in See that you're okay. I would like you to be okay And I don’t think it’s fair of you to dismiss any concern your health or safety as belittling you I see adult clients too, Melissa, this isn’t an age thing Fine Okay so what's going on? Well I’m doing fine. You should really be here with my friend Zoe, but her family just thinks she’s overdramatic or some shit like that Is it helpful to you to talk about Zoe? Helpful how? Does it make you feel better? Jeff, do you have a family? Yes, I do Are you married? I am How is it? Why are you talking about me, Melissa? How much time do we have left? Clock on the wall. Twenty-two minutes Seriously, Zoe needs help I know I’m worried about her I know. Does that stress you out? Yeah. Yeah, it stresses me out. It would stress anyone out That’s a lot of pressure for someone your age That’s a lot of pressure for someone my age? That’s a lot of pressure for someone any fucking age! That's a lot of pressure in general! Why are you trying to make this an age thing when it’s not? You’re right. I’m sorry. That is a lot of pressure for anyone. I agree A couple weeks ago, you said you were overwhelmed That you were feeling a lot of pressure? Are you still... feeling like there's no hope... or... Look, Jeff Everything is fine Yeah, I’m stressed. Yeah, life is tough. But it’s not any harder than it is for anyone else On the contrary, I think you have particularly difficult circumstances Maybe. Maybe not. I’m really privileged What do you mean by that? Like I'm really lucky, like in the grand scheme of things, I’m blessed And do you think that means you can’t be in need of some help? Well no, not exactly [text message] Melissa, you know it’s the policy here that there's no phones- Yeah I know to respect the privacy of- I know! Okay You... may check it if you think it’s very important No. It's fine It’s probably Zoe but she was fine last time I texted her, so... Do you think it's... important to be so connected with Zoe and what she’s doing so often? I don’t know. Sure One might worry that your mental health might be… ignored, or… connected. Do you ever consider what you might do if Zoe were to take her own life? I don't know I mean I have thought about it But I don't know Is it something you think about a lot? Jeff Yeah. Yeah, it is something I think about a lot Okay? Is it important for you... to know that Zoe is very depressed? Do you think you can help her? Can you help her? Because I can’t No one can help her. No one can help anyone Do you believe that? Do you believe that you can be helped? Look, Jeff I know you’re trying and that’s cute but I gotta go It just feels like this is more about your agreement with my mom than my relationship with anyone Okay I'm sorry you feel that way, but I understand where you’re coming from Okay, Jeff Don’t stop taking your medication Yeah Of course Okay Say hi to your marriage person for me I’ll tell her. Thanks See ya [phone message:] Hi, Zoe. It’s Melissa. Call me back whenever you get the chance. Thanks [phone message:] Hey, it’s me again Sorry to bother you, I just really want to talk Never mind, it’s nothing. Look, just give me a call whenever you can. It’s not a big deal, just, uh… yeah. Okay [phone message:] Hi, Zoe. Look I just wanted to let you know I’m fine and you don’t need to worry about me You don’t need to call if you don’t want to [phone message:] Hi Zoe. It's Melissa. Call me back whenever you get the chance. Bye [phone ringing] [answering machine:] Hi. You’ve reached the home of Amanda, John, and Melissa. Sorry we're not here right now. Leave a message if you wanna talk [phone ringing] [answering machine:] Hi. You’ve reached the home of Amanda, John, and [phone ringing] [answering machine:] Hi. You’ve reached the home Oh, hey. Nice of you to show up And you brought your boyfriend. Classy Well, I know Melissa too, so- Shut up, Cam Well? No change Not now, Cam Do you know what she took? Yeah Well what did she take? Oh! You want to know about what’s happening in Melissa’s life? I can never remember with you Could you please just tell me what- what did she take? Tylenol and Vodka Tylenol? And Vodka Is that deadly? Can you die from that? She could also have brain damage. Hence the ER How likely is that? I don’t know, Veronica! You have a phone. Google it Wow, this is really serious Yes. It is I’m so sorry So you’re Zoe Hey I am Wow Do you know… I mean Do you know why she did it? Her mom thinks it was stress She tried to kill herself because of test anxiety? I don't know, Veronica. Because maybe that couldn'tve been the only thing that was stressing Melissa out Oh, you’re one to talk Do you really think it was stress? No. Obviously not If it was so obvious, why didn’t you see it coming? Or did you know and just didn’t care? I- I didn't. I was preoccupied Self-absorbed Did you even know she was in therapy? Did you? Is she here right now? Is she here? No shit, Sherlock. I didn’t pick some random place to sit and wait Is Melissa’s mom here? No. She went to get snacks and blankets because we’re prob’ly gonna be here all night Thanks for texting me How’d you get my number? It was in Melissa’s phone Right Did she have her phone with her? That's how she called me She called you? Yeah. What'd you think? I don’t know What did she say? That she's sorry. And she hopes I have a good life How did she sound? Drunk Terrified Silent Was there a note? I think that's what the call was for Are you pissed she didn’t call you? She can call whoever she wants. I don’t care Were you two dating? Oh, were we dating? No I mean. Veronica said that maybe you Veronica said what? You’re just really close. I don’t know Well you two are really close But that’s different How's that different? Why's that different? Because I'm queer? You’re just always texting her. It seemed like you’re in love with her or something I’ve never been in love. Why don’t you tell me about it? It’s… good Are you okay, Zoe? Yes Are you sure? Do you wanna... talk about it? There’s nothing to talk about. My best friend’s in the fucking ER, you idiot He’s just trying to be nice It's okay It just really... puts it into perspective, you know? Life is fragile and I don't know why anyone would do it Like If you're dead, it's all over I just don't get it Maybe if you're terminally ill or something Then it’s okay I guess What counts as being terminally ill? It means when you’re going to die soon from it anyways, so it doesn't- I know what a terminal illness is, Veronica. I just don’t know what counts as a terminal illness. Because I think it's pretty subjective It’s not subjective Where are you going? I don’t know! I don’t know Tell Melissa I’m sorry too Zoe, where are you going? Zoe! Should we go after her? I don’t know... She probably just needs space Maybe we should go home We can check in with her in the morning We can come back here tomorrow Bring breakfast Come on, babe Let's go home I'll drive No. Uh, Cam I'm gonna stay here actually Okay. No, that's fine. I'll stay with you It's okay, you can go You're right Go home and get some rest And come back in a few hours with coffee and donuts No, won't you be lonely? Melissa's mom will be here Okay Goodnight Yeah, hi. Is- is this Zoe? Hey, it's Veronica I just wanted to see if you're okay Okay, well fuck you too Look, Cam's gone home Do you wanna keep me company? Yeah, no, that's okay. Yeah. You too. Stay- Safe [phone ringing] Yeah, uh, yeah hi? I- I'm glad Yeah I'll see you in a little bit, Zoe Thanks [APPLAUSE]

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This is the story of gay teenager Melissa, who struggles to support her suicidal and self-harming best friend Zoe as well as her closeted girlfriend Veronica (whose boyfriend Cameron wants to be best friends with Veronica’s cool new lesbian friend Melissa!) as her own life spins dangerously out of control and she eventually attempts to take her own life. This comedic tragedy is both relatable and heart-wrenching.

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