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I'm Gavr, and I'm starting my favorite rubric. rubric, which is dedicated to to all sorts of upgrades, gadgets, advancers all sorts of electronik coolness and no matter. I always tell you all of this. and today the story will once again focus on games I rebirth old games and give them an upgrade. attention Battle City, my dear friends! I offer to upgrade this game and make it once again popular. This game is too unrealistic It isn't similar to real life If anyone remembers im the yellow one In this game we have stupid controls for some metal machine? In principle there isnt much sense to play this. But i offer to add sense Even if they kill the tank there should be a guy Theres a soldier who fights for the motherland Who will give his life to reach victory! And he wins! Next LVL dear friends! You all must have noticed, the eagle is our base, it is our government. and if your castle is destroyed, if you arent able to kill the other tank.... nothing to worry about, you can build a new one. Just call in migrant workers. But since migrant workers built it, its not very sturdy. If there is a time when the tank is dead, when the soldier is dead but the government isnt taken i offer to continue playing now we play as the eagle there isnt enough action in Tanks. Its too trivial -- one dimensional. narrowed down. need to move forward, we need to have some sort of betterment We just need to add in any other game, Lets go! yeah! level completed. I offer to add bonus dreams. I've been dreaming of this throughout my childhood I wanted a bonus like this, just like this one: Leeets go... leeeets gooo.... We do live in modern times. Transformers are REAL! HOORAY! Naturally, there should be bonuses, which however un understandable - either do good or do bad and a bonus like that exists in this game. on this level! alright lets get it... what is it? oh dammit dammit whatevs we'll finish this, nothing to worry about. allllright another. lets get it. alright dammit, whats happening a whatevs whatevs let it be. we finished the level eitherway going foreward! this here is a life bonus i added to this game its a bottle! absolutely realistic from here on its just like real life. real difficult dammit wait wait well get through this yes no. yes whatever! whatever! wha? what do we press? waiit nooo. nooo dammit. dammit stop! finished the lever. wonderful! lets move on Moscow version of tanks! dear friends. we play for the motorcade even a motorcade can get stuck. Calling in Pacman!™ Calling pacman.... alright controlling pacman.... the motorcade moves on. level cleared. dear friends there are moments in tanks, when we need to stop the game or rather the fighting continue fighting There a million levels here. And you'll never end this game You dont have to go to the last level to finish the game. The point is to find the exit on any level. And i found it. I will demonstrate it for you. Here comes a lyrical moment in the game. Will he shoot? Dear friends! play tanks! Learn the rules. there will be lots more games I wish for you all less gamers?? And for you especially a dance!

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Duration: 5 minutes and 56 seconds
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Genre: None
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Posted by: svetko on Mar 25, 2010

Video from a Russian comedy program

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