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Dusan Lazic - Vojka, Serbia - The Short (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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Dusan Lazic -- name and surname. Just continue. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four... I'm unemployed at the moment. You could say that I'm a beekeeper at the moment. It's like my official occupation. ♪ Wine and guitars... ♪ I go to the bees, do my most urgent chores, do something in the workshop before that. Later the family gathers. The usual. We sit to eat lunch. In the afternoon again I do some work around the house. In the evening I take... I steal some time for myself, and I go with my band... to relax a bit. ♪ ... when we all gather here. ♪ ♪ This life, from a different side we will praise. ♪ My father used to play the tambourine and the guitar, and... I remembered that, those days, and I've kept his guitar too. Hmm, it probably gave me an impulse to... make a real band sometime in the 6th grade with others from my school. At that time, there were... It was in '65/66. At that time, there were... Rock music was in bloom. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones... Hmm... And we, I guess, stole some of it, and made a trio for school events and shows. I had a guitar. ♪ Life has to go somewhere. And even the wounds that are visible... ♪ As a matter of circumstances, I got a job as a guard, and I stayed there for 3 months. And then an opportunity presented itself over at the Bureau for unemployed to... They invited mechanical, chemical and electromechanical engineers for requalification, which meant we were supposed to finish a one year course and become train engine drivers at the railroad. At that time the line Belgrade - Bar was popular. (music playing) I understood that recently, after the fact... Hmm... I realized that the dissolution of Yugoslavia began then, because they divided the railroad into ZTP, into ZTO, into... I don't know. Uzice got its own, Belgrade its own, Ruma its own, of course the Montenegrians got their share. Everything was split into pieces. I think that was the beginning of the dissolution of Yugoslavia. That's my personal interpretation. At that time I was making this house. At the time we were... Milica, my wife, didn't work. She was at home with the kids, which was quite logical, since I was mostly out of the house. When I came back, the task of constructing the house was waiting for me, also agriculture work which I was doing to some extent, as an additional occupation. ♪ The time may stop when we all gather here. ♪ ♪ This life... ♪ There are a lot of elements, hmm, in beekeeping that tied me to it. Simply... I like to work with wood. You need a lot of things there. So, you have to know how to cut something, how to hack, how to model something, how to paint, how to... It's all necessary. It's necessary to be very meticulous. You have to be alone, you have to be... You're turned towards yourself, and that suits me. So, you're not instructed by anyone. Everything you do, you do it yourself. Every mistake you make is your own fault. Every failure is yours only, because the bees... they never make mistakes. That's one of the first rules that I've learned. When my sons were little, Ljubinko asked me one time: “Daddy, what are you doing?” In that sense. And I was working on something, hammering something or... I don't know. Well, I said, this is what I'm doing. He said: “Are you hard-working?” A colloquial question. He said: “You're as hard-working as a bee, but no, as a male bee”. And since then they've called me a male bee. -Till now, in your life, were you a happy man? -Very, I could say. Very, I could say. First thing that comes to my mind is family. And with that I'm already completely pleased, primarily with my children. I'm exceptionally, exceptionally pleased with my sons. And that could... What else? What's necessary? Well, nothing else is necessary. ♪ And the youth, let it pass. Life has to go somewhere. ♪ ♪ And even the wounds that are visible -- everything will pass, it will pass. ♪ ♪ Wine and guitars I want in my home tonight. When old... ♪ Hey, hey, hey. You lost it there and that's it.

Video Details

Duration: 7 minutes and 18 seconds
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
Views: 911
Posted by: globallives.serbia on Nov 3, 2009

Production team:
Robert W Eagle, Pre-Production Coordinator *
Marko Popović, Executive Producer / Post-Production lead *
Ana Lakčević, Producer / Post-Production lead *
Stefan Ivanović, Producer *
Juliani Bittencourt, Producer *
Hes Mundt, Camera *
David Szepesi, Camera *
Dragan Petrović, Camera *
Srđan Srđanov, Camera *
Željko Dražović, Camera *
Max Kesberger, Photographer *
Stewart Weir, Photographer *
Emile Holba, Photographer

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