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Djordje Stanojevic - Inscription, Gallery Magacin, 2009

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The process of self reflection led me to the level of recognition of the collective within me, that is the archetypal memory, through the stylization of the palm which came to life as the final product of that self reflection. Namely, the process of painting is a very complex process, and it begins with, let's say, the passionate part. The passionate part is, basically, the energy of Eros and Thanatos. It is the same energy, which is the first to manifest itself on the painting or in any other media, whether it's an oil or it's a photograph or whatever. However, for me, that's not enough. I go to the level where that energy completely empties out and disappears. At the moment when it's disappearing, the stylizations come to life, spiritual stylizations which are not rational, and which are very precise, and which are a great surprise for the artist himself. And the lines of the palm were, first of all, a surprise for me. I realized through my art... what has been written for us by the consecution of generations, we can not change, but we can, through our actions and through our activities, make it more refined... We can, let's say, symbolically turn it into gold, and leave a valuable gift to the future generations, which will carry a different energy, more positive energy, and that is the most that we can offer through our work. My work is the art, and that is my primary need. Concerning the paintings, this series has over 40 formats. All those formats are painted together. That means that over 40 formats are brought into the studio, and that process slowly begins. Every painting is an organism for itself, and it grows as the time passes, and it, for itself, becomes an object, and after that period of duration, the paintings get their mental weight, their maturity. With some of the last paintings it even happened to me that, realizing that the painting is an object by itself, I was looking at the painting from the other side too. So, it appeared on the other side as an organism as well. On that other side I made the drawings of the sky. Those are the blue circles that I had a need to... a very strong need to draw on the other side of the painting. What fascinates me the most in art are the scenes from the movies by Andrei Tarkowski. Those are the scenes of the ravaged ground, muddy ground, in who's bogs the sky is reflected.

Video Details

Duration: 4 minutes and 50 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
Genre: None
Producer: Vojislav Radovanović
Director: Đorđe Stanojević
Views: 108
Posted by: lakana on Jan 21, 2010

The exhibition 'Inscription' by Đorđe Stanojević in Magacin.
Organization: ProArtOrg, December 2009.

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