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Esperanto estas lingvo de multaj trajtoj / Esperanto is a language of many traits

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Esperanto is a language with many traits. Esperanto is... INTERNATIONAL Esperanto is most useful for communication among people from many countries, when they don't have a common mother language. The word roots in Esperanto come mostly from European languages, but the grammar and the way of building words have many similarities with other language groups. NEUTRAL It belongs to no particular people or country, and because of that it functions as a neutral language. Esperanto doesn't push the culture of any specific nation or culture, but successfully communicates them and in addition, carries its own international culture. EQUAL When you use Esperanto you feel that, in terms of language, you are the equal of the person with whom you are speaking. Compare this with speaking with someone, for example, in Chinese when their native language is Chinese Thanks to that, everyone has equal rights. EASIER Thanks to the structure and construction of the language, it is normally much easier to master Esperanto, than a foreign national language. Well, I studied Esperanto for three months. After that, I didn't have to study it anymore. I just practise from time to time. It's really easy! LIVING Esperanto lives and evolves just like other languages, and with it you can express all aspects of human thought and feelings. If yes, don't join. No, no. I warmly greet you. I think, I think, so. RELATIVELY YOUNG The initiator of Esperanto, Ludovik Lazar Zamenhof, developed the basis of the language over many years and presented it in 1887. Many people began learning the language immediately after this, and in 1905 the first international congress of Esperanto was held. Ever since then the language has evolved and developed as other languages do. UNIQUE One person initiated the language; it came alive and became a living language thanks to its usefulness and to those who learned and used it. Now Esperanto is a fully functional language and beloved by many people. That evolution presents a unique phenomenon in the history of mankind! Look! The atmosphere! It's so good... ...that you can't forget it. RICH At first glance, something easy or simple seems to be less sophisticated than something complicated. Many people suspect that due to its simplicity Esperanto must be unsophisticated. However, thanks to its structure, Esperanto is actually a rich language. It is possible to combine language elements almost limitlessly. Paradoxical though it may seem, it is possible to be both simple and sophisticated, but that's how it is. Because it's so wonderful that you can use it to express any subtle idea effectively, by adding the right suffixes and prefixes. But in Esperanto it's just so much easier. A CULTURAL LANGUAGE Many books exist in Esperanto, both originals and translations. Singers and bands of many different styles use Esperanto as a language in their songs. Esperanto is also used as a source of interest in films, and some films are made entirely in the language. Come on. Come with me. USEFUL While travelling. It is so interesting to travel "by means of" Esperanto. You can stay in the homes of other Esperanto speakers, often free of charge, and in that way, get to know the country or region from within. Every year, the Pasporta Servo booklet is published, containing the addresses of hosts in more than 90 countries. You are able to meet up with people, with local people. You see how people live in that place. That's what you can do with Pasporta Servo. To find penpals and new friends To take part in interesting events with an international atmosphere Especially the meetings, and I will meet up there with friends from my own country and from other countries too. For intercultural exchanges in a language which all participants consider "theirs", that is, part of their personal cultural identity. MAKES LEARNING LANGUAGES EASIER Learning Esperanto is a good preparation for learning other languages more easily and quickly, for adults as well as for children. In addition, it seems that those who learn Esperanto often get the urge to learn other languages too. WORKS WELL WITH THE INTERNET The internet removes physical distance, and Esperanto removes linguistic distance. That's why the internet and Esperanto are a great pair for international communication! Both programs and computer games exist in Esperanto. The Esperanto-language version of the famous internet encyclopedia Wikipedia is the 15th largest in the world by number of articles. There are thousands of websites in Esperanto. Sometimes it's said that Esperanto is the Linux between languages, and that Linux is the Esperanto of the programming world. STILL NOT WELL KNOWN And because of that, we have this film.

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Duration: 8 minutes and 1 second
Country: Slovakia
Language: Esperanto
Producer: [email protected] - / Kosmuzik -
Director: Rogener Pavinski, Hokan Lundberg. Peter Balaz
Views: 230
Posted by: amuzulo on Sep 22, 2008

Esperanto estas lingvo. Ĝi estas neŭtrala ĉar ĝi ne apartenas al iu aparta popolo aŭ lando. Ĝi estas internacia kaj ĉefe utila por komunikado inter homoj el pluraj landoj. Ĝi estas egaleca kaj pli facile lernebla ol naciaj lingvoj. Ĝi evoluas kaj vivas simile kiel aliaj lingvoj kaj per ĝi eblas esprimi ĉiujn apektojn de homa pensado kaj sentado. Ĝi estas relative juna, iniciata de Ludoviko Lazaro Zamenhof en 1887. Unika, riĉa kaj vivanta lingvo, ĝi estas tre ŝatata de multaj homoj tra la mondo. Esperanto estas ankoraŭ ne tre konata, jen la kialo de tiu ĉi filmo.

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