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Mach my words

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Petr Mach, leader of the Free Citizens� Party (Czech Republic), member of the European Parliament UKIP Conference, Doncaster 26th of September Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends, It is always a great honour and also great pleasure to speak at UKIP conferences. And today I would like to congratulate you to your victory in the past European parliament election. It is wonderful to see how your party has grown. It is of course your great leader Nigel Farage who has led you to this success, and I must say that Nigel has been a role model, a model politician for us in the Czech Republic. When I established the Free Citizens� Party five years ago Nigel�s speeches became very popular in the Czech Republic. Because we translated the videos to the Czech language, so that everyone in the Czech Republic could see that there can still be common sense in politics. Nigel Farage and UKIP gave us hope and showed us the way. Thank you for that! You had invited me in recent years as leader of the Free Citizens� Party because you had found that we shared common political ideas. We both believe in individual freedom, limited government, and national sovereignty. But today it is a little bit little bit different, at least for me, because this year I was for the very first time elected to the European Parliament, which happened five years after the establishment of my party. And, therefore, I am standing here before you not as someone who shares ideas with you but as an elected representative of our common ideas, and of my libertarian voters in the Czech Republic. And, fortunately, I am not the only one. I am happy that the ideas of individual freedom and national sovereignty are on the rise everywhere in Europe. Your party and my political party both want our countries to leave the European Union because, of course, we know that democracy cannot work on a supranational level and we don�t want others, other countries, to impose regulations and taxes on us and so on. And we hate all these stupid EU policies on energy, on taxation, on immigration, and so on. And now, I�m coming to the main point of my short speech. I�m persuaded, I�m convinced that leaving the EU is a necessary condition for our future prosperity. But it�s only a necessary condition, not a sufficient one. In order to deliver prosperity, we � as I believe � must do two tasks: One, obviously, is to leave the EU so that we in the Czech Republic and you in Britain can decide for yourselves. But the second task is to insist firmly on the ideas of individual freedom. We believe that each individual knows best what is good for him or for her. And, therefore, we must not forget that regulation from above is no good whether it comes from Brussels, or from London, or Glasgow, or Prague, or wherever. We must not forget that high taxes, subsidies, and overregulation are bad wherever they come from. I believe that our task is not only to bring back sovereignty to our peoples, but also to persuade voters, the majority of voters, that regulation � and I would say � socialism only brings woes and that people just deserve the freedom to decide themselves. Therefore, we can criticise the EU for setting the minimum rates of, let�s say, the VAT, or beer tax or fuel tax. But we must be aware of the fact that both in Britain and in the Czech Republic, the actual rates are much higher than these requirements set by the EU. We also see that� or we criticise the EU for its propaganda in the Member States but mainly in Ireland before the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty where the EU misused lots of taxpayers� money. But similar things happen on the national level as well. In the Czech Republic, we have a state TV and state radios. You have the BBC in your country. And according to my opinion, governments should not run corporations. Governments should not do business. I think that doing business is the business of individuals. I wish you power to your elbow. I wish you success in the forthcoming election to the House of Commons and hopefully in the promised referendum on the EU membership. And I am happy that we can work together whether it is on the EU level or after the EU as two independent nations on common ideas of individual freedom and national sovereignty. Thank you very much.

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Mach my words

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