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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 2)

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Write songs about it, do books about it, do magazine articles, get it into the mainstream newspapers as much as possible, and TV stations. Help spread the word, as much as possible. We'd like to do a first city, when we can. We'd like to join all the nations of the world to share the Earth's resources. The Earth's resources become the common heritage of all the Earth's people. Nothing less will produce peace and harmony, like people want today. There are activists out there that are pressing and saying they don't like the way the society is but they have no direction to move toward. I think The Venus Project is the only thing that works outside of the box of the free-enterprise system. People are trying to do patchwork within this system and that won't work. Because the system is inherently corrupt at the core. We want to introduce this ideas and have people understand it and Zeitgeist Addendum helped a great deal to introduce the ideas and Peter Joseph is doing another film. Everything he does is to introduce this direction. The next film will do the same. So, the transition will happen... it depends not on me or Jacque, 'cause we have no money, we have no power. But it depends on what other people do to learn about it and introduce it to others. - Exactly. That is the main question we are eager to see answered is if we should use the system, if we contact people that are wealthy, that have good credentials in the... all areas. And because, as you said, the system is all corrupted, and, for example, I will talk after one of the questions, is a non-profit organization that we did, in Portugal, for the Resource Based Economy. - Great. - And we know it's against the ideas, because it's an institution. We would like to understand how we can interact and if we should, according to your ideas, use those resources, those people, and even the monetary system to try to force any transition, and I would like to see that. - Yes, I think The Venus Project has a non-profit organization, called Future By Design, and we're also incorporated, because we wanted to do an non-profit, but we owned all this land and we owned other things. And, if we did a non-profit, 'cause we have no other support. It was just me and Jacque working on it for over twenty years, so, we didn't wanted to do an non-profit, because if we had this on the land for some reason, that money would go back into some... we'd have to give it to another non-profit organization, those are the rules in the United States. So, we couldn't take that on, but we did later on do a non-profit. We live in the monetary system, we supported this project for over, you know, thirty five years, thirty years. And... but we did it through our own funding. We had no outside help or support. So, we live within the system and we have to use money and if we don't do non-profit organizations and we don't get help elsewhere, then that means we carry it ourselves. You now, the Zeitgeist members here. And, this is a project that benefits everybody. People often ask me: "Well, why do you sell the books?" We sell the books 'cause we need funding to make more books and get more materials, video equipment, update cameras to be able to do more things. And then, we support the research center. So, it would be nice if we could give it away. We always say: "Well, if you give us a thousand dollars we'll distribute a thousand dollars worth of books." You know, they put it on us. Nobody would publish our book. We published it ourselves, over four times so, it was quite a lot of money. But this is what we spend our money on. This is the only thing we see it's relevant. And so, this is our life. - Ok. - It takes me about two and an half years to build the models for a fifteen minute film. And we've gotta eat in that time, and we have volunteers that come out there, sometimes they get sick, we pay their doctor bills. So, it's very hard for Roxanne or I to maintain the acres, the ten buildings. They have to be air conditioned, so that the cameras and all the equipment doesn't go bad. So, we... if it's a cooperative system, we need cooperation from the outside. I have to write the scrips, build the models, shoot the pictures, and do the magazines and Roxanne also assembles models and she does all the other work... correspondence with the world. So, I just want you to know. Now, the main thing about the Resource Based Economy is that the Earth once had millions of little tribes and all the tribes joined together, because they were invaded by other tribes. And the most powerful ones stole the land from the others. This is how Germany, France, England, US evolved. US was not invited by the American Indians to come and live there and take their land away. We slaughtered or killed many Indians. We slaughtered fifteen million buffalos, to starve out the Indians and then we stole portions of America from Spain and Mexico. After we stole all the land we need, we said: "Now, we're ready to make good." See... So, all nations do that. Not just America. So, I'm not interested in any single nation. I'm interested in using the scientific method. Now, let me tell you what I mean by that. I mean, first, you do a survey of the Earth's resources. That tells us how much arable land we have, how much water do we have, how much building materials, transportations, facilities, everything. That determines what... how big a city will be, by the carrying capacity of that area, or the Earth carrying capacity tell us how many people can live on Earth comfortably. Now, if we exceed that by several millions, we will have malnutrition, territorial disputes... but if you declare the Earth common heritage, and maintain the population in accordance with the carrying capacity of the Earth, not Fresco's opinion or some senator or some nice guy. We have to do a survey to determine that. It's just like engineers building a bridge. The government puts up so much money and they have to know what the tonnage is that goes over that bridge every day in order to determine how thick the beams will be, do you understand? Nobody says: "I think the bridge ought to be like this." They get the facts first. How many cars a days do you propose. Forty thousand cars a day or a week. What weight does it have to support? We base all our social design on information, not the opinions of senators. Now, I feel that the senate and the government an hundred years ago was all right. They didn't know any better. But today, I think our problems are technical. So, if you don't take my word for this, ask any politician: "How do you prevent automobile accidents?" They don't know. "How can you increase agricultural wield?" They don't know. "Well, how do you prevent fires in industrial buildings?" They don't know. "How do you make a rocket go...?" They don't know. All this are technical problems. So, everything that you have today, whether you realize it or not. The automobile, the airplane, the sewing machines, everything is technical. Lighting. If you took all that away, if you turned off Boulder Dam... all the refrigeration, food would spoil between L.A. and San Francisco, all the trains would stop, all the pumping stations, you understand? For gasoline. So, when I say our problems are technical, that means, it's going to take technology to make us more humane. But if you have millions of people, an insufficient food so, you feel nice and charitable to give some nation twenty thousand dollars or two million dollars, without solving their agriculture problems, how to build, how to educate people towards some direction, that won't work, 'cause that's not based on engineering principles. Engineers have worked on wonderful books about the possibility of future, building lakes in the desert and changing many things, but they have no money, no power, politicians have all the power. Then, when politicians don't get along with other politicians, they build big armies and the armies... They say it will bring democracy to another country, that's a lie. They go there 'cause there's oil or something they need. All countries, not just America. They're all louched up I don't think they'll even make the history books of the future, they're so spoiled. They really don't know anything. Now, let me give you an idea by knowing something. We have signs on the road: "Drive carefully, slippery when wet." What The Venus Project would do is put abrasive on the highway, so it's not slippery when wet and get rid of the sign. Now, we also have signs: "Drive carefully, school children crossing." Well, if you're driving a car, and your kids are fighting in the back, and you turn around for thirty seconds, you can cause a lot of damage.

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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 2)

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