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I Have An Uncle - LT,EH,SH,KI (ENG SUBBED)

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Sukhyun, what is it today? Today? 2 June It's my birthday What do you want to do with your uncle, Hwi Jae? Actually.. I want to play fight with the swords! Shh.. Meanwhile.. Suprise guests from uncle Hwi Jae to Sukhyun And the nect suprise gifts Starting from now, a special birthday to Sukhyun! Hello! (Singing birthday song to Sukhyun) How old are you today? 7! Now that you'e a year older, don't play with swords anymore, you need to study Yes! Uncle has work today, so i might be late, sorry because of that, i've sent you a gift Really? Spectacular fashion from the guests Uncle would go back to work no, so .. open the door! Okey! Who is it? It's the introduction flowers I'll open the door Gift from uncle Hwi Jae, is Super Junior Starting with a show of congratulations Happy birthday ~ Hi Sukhyun! The beginning of the stor of how super junior came here Hwi jae uncle who met Super Junior in the waiting room Hello! Oh, hello! Some coffie Why coffie? Later on Tueseday 2.. Yeah It's Sukhyun's birthday aah, we saw him on TV What are your scheduel on Tuesday? We don't know yet.. Why do you not know yet? Usually we don't know it until the day before I'll call Soo Man hyung (manager) But because this birthday, aren't we going to prepared something? No need to prepare anything, just a good sleep before you arrive. You just need to sleep as much as you want, and also to eat well Because of this, Super Junior came with full rest at night Do you know who we are? No So he did not know us, and what we do I don't know Maybe.. Does Sukhyun know this song or not? If this doesn't work, everyone has to join! You don't know this? - No i don't Does Sukhyun know this song? You know this song right? - No i do not know this song Their hits songs didn't even succeed. We even got first place in Music Bank If you knew who we are, you'll be suprised. Do you want to be suprised? - Ok! Your heart don't matter right? You have to worry about your own heart. We will you show you something. You didn't think you like us, when you saw pur clothes right? Ok, i understand Are you prepared to be suprised? 5,6,7,8 Does Sukhyun know this song or.. Please tell me you know this song ~ Will the reply be "i know" ? So, how will the response from this song be? You know this song right? - I know! Finally, he knows it Sorry Sorry? Name? What about our group name? I don't know your name We are Super Juni-OR We are Super Juni-OR Really? You do know Sorry Sorry - Yes We saw you sing this song to your girlfriend on TV Sorry Sorry? Yes Right? Her name is Soohyun! I have 6 5,6,7,8 Sorry sorry sorry sorry, mekom! mekom! mechom! mechom.. I don't know Mekom mekom? Should we tell our names? My name is Shindong Shindong? Like in "dong gu ri dong" I don't know if the kids like that character I liked that character Hyung's name is Leeteuk Leeteuk? Don't laugh And hyung's name is Eunhyuk.. If my name was too hard for you to remember, then just call me "Anchovy" Anchovy.. Did you know the song from Rain? Oh, a song from Rain? I know the song "Bad boy" Can you dance? I need music for that! - We can make music for you 1,2,3,4 He's good! That's very good! You can do it! Do you want to see Eunhyuk dance "bad boy" ? Ok Show us! 5,6,7,8 What is this? ~ Eunhyuk, you really are a "Bad boy" ! Admit defeat Choose one of us four, who you think is the most popular among girls

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Posted by: bolla01 on Jan 24, 2010

i have an uncle

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