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Interview: Peter Joseph on RT: Media & Occupy Wall Street

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- And to help me sort things out in addition is Peter Joseph founder of the Zeitgeist Movement Peter, I know that you have put a major critique of the mainstream media and its coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Lay this out for me. What's your biggest beef with what we've been seeing in the Occupy Wall Street movement and how it's been covered? - Needless to say the mainstream media is doing what it always does best and that's maintaining the status quo. It's not a far-fetched understanding to see that the values that are perpetuated by this system that are associated with wealth generation and the corporations that run this country are going to do the best they can to make sure the public is not aware of the growing crisis that this economic system is creating across the board. I want to commend RT once again for what I've just seen: It's really wonderful the service that you are providing. Mainstream media? I've dismissed it long ago. - We appreciate it. We have been out covering this since the first day before a lot of people even heard of this, but I will say that I keep my eyes on what's on the cable networks and they have started to be out there a little more in terms of covering and showing that this is actually going on. I do also have to say that I've seen more stories about the gap between rich and poor, income and inequality... You've given up on the mainstream media, but do you think that after some time, that having this discussion will change things will lead to a better country? - Or a better world. I do think the pressures that are emerging are not going to stop. What's been generated with Occupy Wall Street (OWS) what underscores that generation: angst, anger. That 'insurrection' isn't going to stop because of the mechanisms of this system (which I'm happy to talk about as we continue) and the mainstream media will be forced to recognize some attributes of it. But it's always going to be a colored in a particular way because that's basically what they have to do. That's where their talking points come from. But I don't dismiss the mainstream media. I say that in rhetoric. Obviously I'm paying attention too or I wouldn't make the commentary that I do but I think the public needs to begin to understand that having the concentration of corporate power ownership of these major, mainstream institutions is always going to produce biased media and it's a natural consequence. It's not that the people are unethical who run the mainstream. It's just the value that's associated and what they promote. Just like RT and other great more independent avenues have values that are much more open, they're much broader more informed, and therefore you represent actually what many people want to see, what the voice of the people may actually be as opposed to the filtering that goes through the mainstream. The entire Occupy Movement began as a blackout and then the outrageous criticisms calling them communists and socialists and a bunch of drug addicts or people without jobs and no incentive. All that stuff went through that phase. Now we have hit a phase where the mainstream is going to pay some type of attention but I want to alert everybody that it's going to be colored so everyone needs to go to outlets that are not mainstream. They need to start to frequent blog. They need to frequent all of the independent media that has arisen from common people that are reporting. Fortunately, we live in a world with everyone having cameras now so it's very easy to go to videoblogs and actually see and digest information yourself. - Or even go to some of these places, some of these parks where people are. It seems like more and more they're happening all around the country. Peter, I want to talk really quickly about the Zeitgeist Movement. It encourages also a change in the system. When it comes to some of the things that these protesters on OWS are frustrated with: a government with officials that are very much chosen by the amount of money they can raise, banks being bailed out veterans returning home and not being able to find a job I guess I want to get your take, pick your brain a little bit. What are your solutions to some of these problems? Just to correct the language quickly, it's not 'my' solutions. It's solutions that have come about through a very simple technical analysis of what defines society: what creates good public health good mental health, what we have learned about social management when it comes to our scientific benchmark. Just to point out before I answer that question, our entire social system is based on an archaic view a traditional notion that was established long ago. It's really an extension to feudalism is what the political system is today. The economic system is a socially Darwinistic notion that there isn't enough to go around, so we have all these mechanisms built in for scarcity and we now have one billion people starving on this planet, 3 billion people living on less than $2 a day. You look at the consequences of this system and then you step back and you think about what a true economic system might be and a train of thought will be established. A true economic system is not a system based on exchange, money and labor for income. That's a contrivance that we've concocted through traditional unfoldings as we've learned through time what our place in the world actually is, what we are. A true economy, which is what's now emerging in the public mind is the management of the Earth. A true economy is management of this household that we have and proper management is a technical orientation. Meeting the needs of human population is a technical orientation. Just as we build an airplane with a very specific design (you can't have too much deviation or you might injure the efficiency or efficacy of that airplane) we have to construct society technically. I can go on a long tangent about what a technical approach to the social management may be, but let me just say this: If we do not actually begin to manage the Earth's resources if we do not actually begin to take care of society as it is we are going to see numerous forms of destabilization occur systemically breaking down the social order causing much more chaos than we are beginning to see now. - Peter, you are speaking in very broad terms. A total restructuring of society sounds like a great idea but what about realistically in terms of some of these very specific problems plaguing society right now? Obviously everyone, especially down there in this movement believes that an entire restructuring needs to happen but do you think that there are some things that can happen now? - Yes, I do think that there are things that can happen now but the things that will happen now will only be patches until the larger order restructuring occurs. Most of the people in the protest community: OWS or even in the mainstream activist community never stop to think about the structure of this system the structure and the psychology and values that come from that structure and what's reinforced. That's where the Zeitgeist Movement really comes into play. I can list all sorts of things that could alleviate different tensions as far as the debt crisis. First you're going to have to have debt forgiveness across the board if you expect to stop the cancer of debt growth. That's it. The entire system is based on debt being created money being created out of debt, interest charged upon it so you have boom, your black hole: instant, exponentially increasing, unstoppable, debt growth, period. That's it. It's structural to the system. How many people are talking about that? Not that many. - I think a lot of these protesters are talking about this system needs to change. Most people are just still very unsure how that happens... Unfortunately we're out of time. Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist Movement.

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Duration: 7 minutes and 25 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: RTAmerica
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Posted by: ltiofficial on Oct 28, 2011

Peter Joseph on The Mainstream Media and Occupy Wall Street -- 'Russia Today' Oct 27, 2011.

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