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We are now at the Olympic Gymnasium Stadium From now on we are only going to show more entertaining sides of us This HYYH series.. HYYH series It keeps making us emotional Today I would like to talk about all the people I want to thank for helping BTS reach where we are now The person who made us, Bang Pdnim And all other company people, the staff members who help us behind the scenes Also the stage director who has made this stage possible Thank you to the band hyungs ...The dancers who helped us on stage And the people who are always cheering me on; my family, friends. Thank you so much I sincerely thank our fans, ARMYS who have made us performing here possible and come so far And right now I would really like to thank, Taehyungie, Yoongi hyung, Seokjinie hyung, Jungkookie, Namjoon hyung, Hoseokie hyung. Im going to do this now because we dont say these things to eachother otherwise... Honestly I think I am most grateful to my members Since last year, the members have encouraged and lead me even though I have lots of faults and weaknesses.... I have felt happiness being with BTS, it has allowed me to look back at myself They have been at my side and that is why I have been able to accomplish these things I would not have been able to by myself I have learnt what is cool, I have wanted to become more cool and to become a person who is really me Thanks to my members I have been able to feel and experience what real happiness is All 7 of them are such cool and amazing people BTS is cool, right? I am so happy that I am able to be with a group like this It has been the most beautiful moment in life being on stage with my members, and our fans From now on I would really like to always show you amazing songs and always be able to perform with my members in front of you guys I will continue to show you guys great stages with BTS and make you guys happy Video credit goes to RANUNCULUS

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Posted by: jenniifer_kiim on Jun 4, 2016

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