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the three laws of motion

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The three bodies feel attached to table by gravity. Whereas the other body will press the other body but inner strength allows it to be fired in a straight line tearing down the three bodies, allowing to make a straight line giving the body for the mean of the three, which also go out a straight line and too the two lateral bodies side going a straight line. Depending of the mass and the magnitude applied on a body we are going to have an acceleration. Here we can see how when there is an unbalanced force acting upon an object, the motion of this changes, if you divide the rate of the change over time, the result is called acceleration the acceleration depends about the mass of the object and the magnitude of the applied force. in this example a person is holding a force of 50kg mass using his false force, he has a not travel accelerating the object in the direction, in this pulling force If we double the mass and we want to accelerate, we also need to double the force. Are character however is already pulling it the false strength, because of this you only can accelerate an object when you have the velocity, is also the slower pace. The equation of the force is the most important in physics force is equal to mass times acceleration. The third law is to make us understand that for every action there is a reaction, is the perfect example of rocket while you apply a force toward the sky there is a force that is thrown toward the ground with the same intensity or stronger, equal magnitude and opposite direction. The action is hot air out, reaction causes the body of the rocket flying off the other direction, than allows better giving upward.

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