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Exercise for Safety Behind the Wheel

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[♪ music ♪] [The Hartford] [Center for Mature Market Excellence] [Exercise for Mature Drivers] [Jodi Olshevski] [Executive Director, The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence] At the Hartford, we're interested in helping you stay safe on the road for your lifetime. The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence conducts research to make sure that you have the latest, most credible information to help you and your family stay safe. [] We know that there's a connection between exercise and driving skills. That's why we're bringing you this video with simple exercises focusing on 4 areas. The exercises you'll see here are based on research that we conducted in partnership with the MIT Age Lab. Our research found that exercise can help with turning your head and body to back up to see blind spots, rotating your head in order to scan the driving environment, and getting in and out of the car. [strength] Biceps curls are a great upper body strengthening exercise. Now, we're going to use elastic tubing with handles. Place the tubing securely under your feet. Stand tall. Elbows are straight by your side. Palms are front. Bend your elbows so that your palms come up close to your shoulders. Very good, and exhale on that up, and inhale on the return. [8 reps per set; 2 or 3 sets are recommended] If at any time this feels uncomfortable, you have the option to do the same exercise while you're seated in a chair. Squats are a great lower body strengthener. Bend your knees. Push your hips back. Slowly raise your arms. And then stand to a fully erect position. Keep your head and neck in line with your spine. Abdominals are contracted tightly. And inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. [8 reps per set; 2 or 3 sets are recommended] Great. [range of motion] Range of motion is really important for driving skills. It impacts how we move in and out of our cars. The back stretch is with your right leg lifted up over, crossed at the knee. Lift your chest. Turn your body to the right and hold. [Hold at point of tension for 3 to 5 seconds] And you should feel this stretch through your back. Breathe evenly and continuously. Come back to center. Both feet are centered. Lift up your left knee over your right. Chest up and turn. Now, if you are at all uncomfortable crossing at the knee, you may cross at the ankle. Cross your right ankle over your left ankle. Chest up again. Turn now. Again, continually breathing. Hold and back to center. Range of motion for the ankle is really important to driving. And so heel drops are the exercise that we do to flex and point our ankle. Your right toe, raise up as high as you can, and then point your right toe and lift up your heel. Drop your heel and lift your right toe. [Hold at each position for 3 to 5 seconds] Hold. Breathe evenly and continuously. Drop your toe and lift your heel. You should feel the ankle working through a full range of motion. Drop your heel and lift your toe. Hold. Continue to breathe. [8 to 12 repetitions are recommended] Point your toe and lift your heel up again. [flexibility] Upper body flexibility is really important to driving skills. The chest and shoulder expansion is our first flexibility exercise. Lean forward in your chair. Your hands are placed on the back of the chair frame. Lift your chest. Inhale and exhale to lean forward, keeping your head and neck in line with your spine. [Inhale lifting chest; exhale leaning forward] Exhale. Good, again. And exhale. You lean forward at your hips. Again. [4 repetitions are recommended] And exhale. You should feel the stretch through your chest and your shoulders. About 1 more time. And back to center. The shoulder stretch is a great stretch for the shoulder and your back muscles. If you will put your right arm across your chest, pull gently with your fingers without forcing or pulling. Just feel the stretch through your right shoulder. Breathe evenly and continuously. Hold for about 3 to 5 seconds. Come back to center. And switch so we can do our left. Pull gently. Pull without forcing. Come back to center. Switch to the right again. You may do these exercises for each shoulder several times. [coordination] Soccer kicks are perfect for improving reaction time, agility, balance, and coordination. Step with your right. Looks good. Keep your chest up. [8 reps per set; 4 sets are recommended] Lateral bounds are a great lower body exercise to improve agility, balance, and coordination. Step right. [8 reps per set; 4 sets are recommended] We encourage drivers to consider a 2-step action plan for driving wellness. First, take our list of exercises to your healthcare provider and come up with the best exercise plan for you. Second, follow this exercise program regularly. Make sure that you spend at least 15 to 30 minutes per day being active. Visit for information on other exercises and for other ideas and tips to help you stay safe on the road. []

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Learn about exercises that help you stay safe behind the wheel.

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