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Digital Reputation Series - Episode 3- Using Social Media to Propel You to the Top of Google Results

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Hi I'm Lindsay Listanski, the Social Media Manager for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Welcome to episode three of our Google referral series. Today we're going to explore how social media can help propel you into the first page of Google results. In episode two we explored the vital role your presence on Google plays in your business. Today we move onto my personal favorite—social media. There's no doubt that your activity on Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+ is powering what I've been calling your Google juice. You know, how you're found on Google. Now before you get all nervous with the social media heebie-jeebies, hang with me for a second. I'm going to break it down. Facebook. It's the creme de la creme in the social media world. There's only a few people left who don't have an account. Second, you've all heard of Twitter. It's your megaphone for real-time real estate updates. And third, Google Plus. While it hasn't gained huge consumer traction, because it's Google it plays a powerful role in what I've been calling your Google juice. Think of it as our modern day yellow pages. Now as the Social Media Manager for Coldwell Banker, I can spend hours—well actually days—talking about the power of these three sites. But lucky for you I have to keep this video short. To learn more about these sites, how you can leverage them to prospect and strengthen relationships, you can check our our social media white paper, The New Age of Real Estate Communication, which is on Coldwell Banker Works (now CB Exchange). In the real world, your reputation is created in large part by how you treat people and what people say about you. Your online reputation is essentially the same thing. It's who you are, what you stand for, and how you're perceived. So let's go over some simple ways social media activities can help create an amazing digital reputation. Number one, let's start with the cover of your book. The first thing someone sees on all of these social media networks is your profile picture and cover photo. These take up the most real estate—yep, totally nailed that pun—on your page. You should make sure the photo you're using is up to date and a great example of who you are. If you're all about your kids, put up a picture of your kids. Is your life all about your dog? Put up a great picture of you and Fido. Love drinking beers? Yeah, me too. But let's just skip using that picture of you at your local pub. There's never a reason to have a shadowy head or an egghead on Twitter. Whatever picture you choose, show your passion and don't be afraid to rotate it every couple months to keep it fresh. Number two, who are you? Give me details, details, details. The power of these sites is in your profile, so be sure to fill it out to its best. It may seem like common sense, but we often see profile pages with the employment section left blank. That makes no sense especially since you're using these sites for business purposes. Be sure to include your title, company, and location. The more details you can add the better. Are you bilingual? Add it. Have a specialty niche? Add it. Oh and last but not least, please add your contact information. You know better than anyone how fast-paced real estate is. Buyers and sellers want to talk now. Adding your number or email right in your profile elects for easy connectivity. After all, these are your friends and sphere of influence, so why hide that information? Number three, get social. Hopefully you have your current, past, and future potential clients as part of your Facebook friends or followers. If you don't, you'd better start now. Make sure to like their posts, share, and comment every now and then. It only takes about five minutes a day to be part of their social media lives and will go a long way. Now one of the most missed opportunities is every now and then sharing a real estate article or share why you love your job so much. That's the perfect soft sell way to remind everybody you're in real estate. After all, these are the people who may refer business to you. But just like in every other facet of life, don't overdo it. Number four, now it's time for the humble brag. As I just said, showing why you love your job, like congratulating Mr. and Mrs. First Time Buyer or happy retirement to Mr. and Mrs. Empty Nester Sellers shows you care about your clients and that you work hard for them. Now take it a step further. With cameras on our phones it's so easy to enhance our digital resumes by including video testimonials from current and past clients. They can send you photos, videos, letters, and more. And hey, have you thought about this? When's the perfect time to get a testimonial? When they're happiest. And when are they happiest? Hopefully at the closing table. They either got paid or got the keys. So why not ask them to do a 30-second why I love working with you message? And don't forget to include these links on your social media pages. So in just a few easy steps, we've helped you power your Google juice, allowed you to enhance your digital reputation, and at the same time manage it every day. Thanks for watching episode three. See you next time where we'll cover how to leverage LinkedIn and Yelp.

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Digital Reputation Series - Episode 3- Using Social Media to Propel You to the Top of Google Results

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