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C9L1: The Next level

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Hi class congratulations you did it you made it all the way through to month 9. That is quite a feat believe me I know, and so does my friend here Paul Mayberry. You have heard his name several times and you have seen him hitting some beautiful shots on the court with Warren, myself, Steven and a few others. I wanted to introduce Paul to the whole class because this is month and this is where we really begin our journey. This is not where we end the journey this is where we begin it. I hope to see all of you in person one of these days out here in San Diego or your club to move further. To realize and to live into this special special science and special system that we've all discovered here together. With out any further ado I am going to introduce you to Paul Mayberry, he is one of the co-founders of Grail Sports, the 8 Board everything you have seen me do he is behind the scenes we have done it all together. Paul is going to help me here I wanted month 9 to be some what even more conversational because month 9 is about understanding, about applying these principles. Teaching you more about how to feel what we are talking about rather than to intellectualize and thinking all the time. A different method really takes a different psychology. You can't just you know what was the psychology everyone uses oh yah - Move your feet and stay low racket back early but when you get in the match forget everything and just play to win. Try to be unconscientious obviously since we have a different method and system here. Based on completely different fundamentals we are going to have a different psychology as well. Its not about being unconscientious necessarily its really more about being super conscience. Lets start right there and talk about this quest that we now have to take what we have leaned and utilize it and grow every day with this process. How all of our students really enjoy playing tennis and enjoy their entire life because they know what we know. Lets talk about this new psychology in different points of view in ways of looking at your game. Paul introduce yourself there, Hello its a pleasure to be finally in front of the camera with Jack. We have spent many years practicing together and experiencing a level were as we communicate we are sort of able to live into this process that happens between us. If you have a person on the same wave length you can really become coherent with that individual. When you you do that its almost like your energies become connected with that person and you can feel much more intimately what is really happening with that person. If you use it to discover what it is you are doing out there and if you use your partner as a Knight you practice in the court yard together then you are really able to go deeper into something. Which if you were just competing and practicing with friends you wouldn't be able to go there and most of the time you would be dealing with each others, my Father used to call conscientiousness and those things are actually hard to connect with. It would always be hard to practice with other players. The process of working with some one you can really get into the level that becomes more super conscientious. The figure 8 motion that you try to weave into your stroke is also a way to think about a movement to is its a symbol its not just a form that we came up with. It really talks about the continuous line of motion and if you can learn to coordinate the way you think. There are different aspects of thinking, there is thinking there is feeling then there is acting. Really its a matter of synchronizing these three area's to where they all work in an unlimited fashion like a computer. Those systems unless you develop the way they can work automatically you won't be able to think all 3 at the same time. That is really what a good athlete thinking and coordinating in a more deeper manner can that how he gets to be great at what he does.

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