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Introduction au mantra des Bodhisattvas - 10min

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Look after the other person, because he is the best part of you The other person is the best part of you because, on the one hand, parts of him are really better than you and it is like that for all of us. On the other hand, he is the best part of you through the apparently negative things which he brings to you you chose that before you were born, that the person there in front of you, is not only there with his positive qualities, some better than your own, and at the same time, with his faults and all his aspects which bother you, you decided to meet him so that you could improve yourself to transform something in you, your negative reactions and all of that, your circling negative thoughts, your feelings of inferiority or of superiority or of equality. The other person is necessarily the best part of you. You even invited hilm into your life so that you could make progress and that's why you should look after the other person as much as you look after yourself, and even a little more, but very few people can understand that… and even fewer can actually do it. But we can always have that as our goal. So there's no need to observe for long : just for a short while and then do it right away. It's always : "Welcome to the current situation, and welcome to the person in that situation, and I am going to look after him because I remember that I chose this" I was explaining to Ennea, yesterday I believe, that we are responsible for absolutely everything that happens to us. We either provoked it from a previous life or chose it during this life. We are completely responsible, completely responsible for all situations, for everything which provokes others and eventually, we must repeat that to ourselves constantly : "Welcome, I am responsible and I accept my responsibility." It's best to do it in a lighthearted way because in any case we don't have any choice but to accept it, because we are responsible for it. Once we understand that, life becomes much easier and everything works out much better in reality. And I explained to Ennea, that most people… Have you understood that ? You know the story about karma and all that… that what happens to us is a result of previous lives. That's it. But that is just a theory in your mind. That's why there's only one thing to do : to bring this theory to life, and it is a great theory, you see ? It's the flow of life itself and of human incarnation, so eventually you should be able to experience it like that, and the only way to experience it, is to constantly repeat, dealing with anyone or in any situation : "Welcome, I am responsible for this, here and now" And it's relatively easy because if I am responsible for what happens to me, coming from the past, and that I chose it, that I provoked or chose, there is something liberating about it. That means that I can determine the future also! Finally. But now I can determine it with greater intelligence and reality. Yes, you can change your mantra and other habits like that. You can always say, when something happens, say "Welcome, I chose this situation". Whatever happens to you, positive or negative, you say : "Welcome, I chose you, I chose this situation. Therefore I should stop complaining, getting angry, feeling depressed. I chose this". So, you can always say to yourself or even out loud… You meet someone and you say : "Welcome, I chose you, I accept what I chose"… No, no : "I accept it, I chose you". "Ah ! Welcome, I chose you, I am responsible, I accept you". Afterwards, you can always add : "I am sorry for all my mistakes, all the suffering I caused. Sorry, I beg your pardon, and thank you for putting me in this situation because this allows me to evolve. and thank you for all the nice things". You see ? Just like that, we can say : "Welcome, I accept you completely because I am responsible for this situation. If there have been negative things, I'm sorry and I beg your pardon, and I thank you for the opportunity to correct all of that and I thank you for all the positive things." That's what you were saying? Yes, we can say that. Is it alright like that ? But it's a little bit long ! Wait ! "Hello, how are you ? Everything allright at home ? How are the kids ? The family ?" That is long and stupid ! We can summarise it internally, once we know what it means. We can say : "Welcome, Welcome, thank you". That's enough. But you must know what is meant by "Welcome" and by "Thank you". Afterwards you can say : "Welcome. Thank you. I love us". Yes ? Yes, it's on the way. It's on the way, but you must say it now. Can we say also on another level that a master who calls all the students who are present takes care of their spirit, of the evolution of their spirit and that he is responsible for all the spirits here and that he takes their spiritual evolution in hand. Or how could we… ? What we have described here is the state of the spirit of the bodhisattvas. They take responsibility for everything, to the end. That's why they take the vow to come back until the end. Have a good day. Have a good day.

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