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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~15:44:35 - 16:14:35

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- Shoo! Shoo! (dog barking) Beat it! Ah, damn it. - Aska, Aska! Don't! Come here! Come! - Go on, push it! I can also take a picture of you. - Oooh! - The first flower! - Well, that’s for tomorrow afternoon. Yes, that will bloom. (Aska, Aska!) (barking) -What is it? - It’s Beetroot. - What? - Beetroot. You’ve never seen it. - Have you brought this? - It brings a lot of honey. - Milivoje… Have you seen? In front of the house? - Yes. -It’s this big. On the floor, among those bricks. - First it blooms on the top? - Yes. Later it’s huge. - That’s where we’re going. - And what? - There at our place. - Our place where? - There. Just keep it for yourself! - Say it. - Here, near. Where we were with sunflowers, just across the street, on Djoka’s field, just on this side. - At Djoka? Buca’s Djoka? - Yes. It’s like up to that scarecrow. - They’ll gather there. - No. Nobody goes there. He had that panel so they all… Maybe there already are some. You see how it is. This is a lot, maybe about 50 hectares. Not more. - And when were you there? - I’ve just returned. - And what did you look up? - Nothing special. - And how did you go? - I went to Djoka. - Yes. - Ugh, and I got in such trouble! - You did? - I got to Sefika, and my rear tire… I thought somebody shot at me from a rifle. It went ‘Bang!’ you know, and the dust... I thought, "What could it be?" When I went to look, it had burst. And luckily, I had the cell phone and called. - You see, when you have the cell phone… See? - And I told Sasa to come by Renault to pick me up and then we took this car jack... ...and logs and the tire. - It went well. - It’s good that I had the [spare] tire. - And you think we should go there? - Yes. - Nowhere else? - No. Why? And then we have to think about how we'll get back. Then after beetroots we go to locust tree. We just have to go and pull those and then place locust. - We’ll go once again on our bikes or by car. - We can do as we like. - There at Sefika right over there. - Yes, yes. - Water in the channel is this high, up to here. This is the big one and there’s a small one too. - So, there's everything. - Everything. And don’t say anything to anyone. - Really, to anyone this time. - No one. - It was enough. - Nothing to no one, it’s been enough. They won’t screw us around anymore! - Let them go wherever they know... - Yes, that’s right. - So they don’t show up there. For one or two it wouldn’t... It’s not a panel, I’m telling you, about fifty acres, maybe hundred. It’s not… And for us… - Maybe there’ll be on that end, but we’ll be on this. -There won't be. - It goes out there in ours, in granny’s it’s in the nook. It’s there where last year there was... You know, there was a place with barley, and now that barley is this. All of this is surrounded with grain and all of them out there have this herb, they all keep it. - OK, we’ll see. I’m going to mow this. And here and there. I was here today briefly and took a look, opened. - You finished everything? - They’re drawing honeycomb under the shallow box, disaster. They need more comb foundations. Honeycomb is even better, empty honeycomb. - I don’t have it. - If you have it, that’s the best! - I put two of these to ones, from the old brood. - Two, two comb foundations in one. I just turned around the others and put grate. - What? (- Let him do his...) - OK. - What is he saying? (barking) - I’m gone. - I’m going, too. (lawn mower) (neighbors chatting) - And she’ll talk to him about some things that I won’t. - You won’t what? - To say. Because I was not with Dragica. Had I been with her, we would have talked. - I really don’t know… - Well, let’s say, about some things that are happening, and those people are discussing it at random without that person being present. The teacher wasn’t there when they discussed it. When the class-master invited him, so they could tell him to his face what they wanted to, they changed their story. -I really don’t know. - So the story changed. In that respect I didn’t feel pleasant... - Milenko mowed the lawn recently, and look how fast it grew! Milos did it on Sunday and Milenko on Monday.

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Duration: 30 minutes
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
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Posted by: globallives.serbia on Oct 24, 2009

tape 22, first 30 min

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