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Silika Tuivanuavou shares her experience in practicing P3DM in Fiji

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My name is Silika Tuivanuavou. I work with the Native Land Trust Board in Fiji as a spatial information coordinator. You have been involved the 3D Participatory Modelling in the recent past. Could you please tell us what has changed in your position, attitude, and vision ... ... in as far as being exposed to this particular practice? Coming from a GIS background, I have learned quite a bit out of this exercise, ... ... just because there are other techniques that I needed to do to actually prepare ... ... the base map for this particular exercise. So, I did learn some new techniques. In addition to that, it is the participatory part of the PGIS that I had learned so much from, ... ... especially when it comes to working with the communities. It is the process of eliciting information or generating information from the community ... ... that excited me the most. Even though I am an indigenous Fijian, it was the process of getting the people ... ... to actually communicate with us, and for us to communicate with them, ... ... and generate all that information that they had there in their minds, over the years, ... ... and actually put it on the 3D Model. That excited me the most. I would definitely recommend it to be practiced in other communities. Some NGOs that we worked with and those that had read our report, ... ... they are quite interested to work with us and to do a lot more of this 3D Modelling ... ... within the projects that they actually want implemented. I would definitely recommend it to all the communities to take it up, ... ... and to all the NGOs that would really love to do mapping. 3D modelling is the way to go. Educational video produced in the framework of the project: " Support the spread ... ... of good practice in generating, managing, analysing and communicating spatial information"

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Posted by: giacomo on Dec 2, 2009

Silika Tuivanuavou is the Spatial Information Coordinator at the Native Land Trust Board in Suva, Fiji Islands. In this interview Silika shares her opinions in using Participatory 3D Modelling for land use planning and bottom up communication purposes.

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