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Rav Berg Zohar Shelach Lecha 19870702 edited 2017

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So I quote from the Zohar, in Parashat Shlach Lecha, page 12 see if paragraph thirty lamed (Hebrew) And they were, as we said before, leaders of Israel (Hebrew) But they took to themselves, or they drew, or they connected with bad advice (Hebrew) And what was this and for what reason did they take or go in this direction of what is referred to as evil? (Hebrew) (Hebrew) And again, let's not forget that the word (hebrew) in the Torah the word evil, is not the kind of expression that we will ... that we commonly use for good or evil But evil meaning the aspect of absolute illusion. For whatever reason, Moses felt that these people, these twelve chieftains would have to go to Israel and they would determine if there is the Tree of Life reality The real reality or the evil... the good and evil reality of the (hebrew), the Tree of Knowledge (Hebrew) And the Zohar continues, Rabbi Isaac said (Hebrew) And it says, furthermore, that Moses knew that they were not going to be successful. He knew! (Hebrew) And so what did he do? He took the only alternative that was available for him, continues the Zohar ... (Hebrew) Yehoshua, whose name was Hosea and he still through the power of the Yud Moshe used the Yud as that channel for his transferring of his own level of consciousness to Hosea, who became Yehoshua, the addition of the Yud, because the Yud was used as the method of transferring this kind of energy. And therefore, that came about because Moshe was (hebrew) He prayed. What does it mean he prayed? Connecting with consciousness, connecting with energy, connecting with the force of the Creator. So, when Moshe was (hebrew) It says that he used the letter Yud for the purpose of transferring part of his energy, and therefore, his name became Yehoshua. (Hebrew) Yehoshua is proceeding on with these other ten chieftains, who were known, in advance, as the Zohar said before, let us not forget that, were known that they would come back with an evil report But said Caleb, he has the supporting energy intelligence of Moshe that will push him through and pull him through. (Hebrew) And Moses transferred that light through his prayer on to Yehoshua Why? And here is the secret. Why could Moshe do something like that? (Hebrew) He was in that level of consciousness know as the sun (Hebrew) What does that mean? Sun has one characteristic. If we were to define sun and ask all peoples of the world, including the Greeks and Greek mythology What was the sun about? It transfers energy Nothing could exists without energy of the sun. Consequently, everyone understood, even in Greek mythology, that the sun has this one particular characteristic of sharing And so we learned that when Moses prayed he just didn't open up a Tehilim, Which didn't exist in written forms yet But he didn't merely say a prayer so to speak. Say a prayer for me It's a common expression When someone is ill or need some support or assistance But that he was ... Moshe was in a position of sun He was in a position of what? Of sharing Moses was as we said ... (Hebrew) He was a humble person, which we say, the Zohar explains, not as merely a man of humility But he was a man that exemplified and demonstrated the force of the Lord And force of the Lord means what? Sharing

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