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Divine Inspiration Class #1 : The one question that matters

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...but if you would read the billions pages written on mind and thought and the trillions of dollars spent on research of mind and thought and which unfortunately it hasn't really developed to the point where they understand because it's still 'I believe' at the end of the article I still only' believe' because he's orthodox so, therefore he only believes, he doesn't know he believes and yet the reason they will never come to a conclusion or to come to an understanding because they didn't ask one question: Madua? = Why? Madua comes from the word 'yeda' which is 'connection' and without connection we all know that if I don't make a contact with an individual can I learn to understand him? No. You gotta make contact. Physical, mental, whatever... without that contact you will never understand and what's the contact with anything is 'madua' Therefore, to understand the next fellow for whatever reasons and there are many reasons, many things that we want to know about another individual if I want to go to into business with him whether I should associate with him if you would only ask one question you've opened up the doors to an instant possibly an instant understanding of the next guy and what is that? Why is contact being made between me and him? That's not a difficult question to raise because we can ask that on anything - why? But the minute you ask why, you've opened up the gates. If you don't ask why than you need 25 years, 30 years, maybe 50 years to begin to understand your best friend and then one day he turns against you and now you don't even understand - how could he turn against me after all these years, for whatever reasons he shouldn't have done it...

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