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Bernard teach: Experience Living and Principled living 3

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Desteni Presents: Experience Living and Principle Living - Part 3 D: Going back to the principle living you, mentioned all this, list of items to be, aware of being equal and one to, in every moment how can we practically go through our day, with that in mind? What we found was fascinating is that it's not going to be, possible for any 'one being' to make a difference in any way whatsoever in the world It's going, to be "all beings - as one" meaning as individuals, that will have to become a- anomaly, to the system that will have to challenge the system Within that you have to consider that you can do only, that which you can do, physically, practically in and as you're "breathing", because that is your true "reality" within that you have to consider, 'what systems' within this world is Not supporting Life one and equal the 'primary' one is the money system for any 'change' to be possible in this world, the money system will have to change the money system, will have to be, 'that which' considers Life the money system will be continue, "with it's crashing" as we have said, close on one and a half year ago (2007) the money system will be crashing and, it will continue to crash they still don't understand "the problem" that actually exists within it they will never understand it the problem, is 'inherent', in the dishonesty of the capitalist system the capitalist system is inherently dishonest it is 'inherently' based on, the abuse of Life, for the 'interest - of a few' that means the abuse of the 'labor - of many'! and the resources of many so that just a few, benefit (Dogs barking, seems all ten of them) you can have a- sounded (D: that's- Zaggy?) So what is, that, in this world, that controls everyone's Life? it is - 'money' and, how it controls your Life, is through a fascinating principle, it is actually not only controlling the physical it was also controlling the metaphysical Money, in the metaphysical, is energy Energy in the physical is simply, represented, by money as a, actual 'container', that moves and is an 'exchange' between beings So in, the physical you are experiencing yourself, both as physical with 'physical' energy and this metaphysical, which is mind energy that mind energy that you 'create' in the physical that means that 'idea' of yourself, that persona which becomes your 'essence' from which you 'act' Is what will remain when you die! which is very limited Just that 'persona' that, 'idea' of what you acted from which is 'not', a physical actual 'thought' - it is an accepted idea of 'who you are' which you, 'used' to recreate yourself, 'from the physical - into the metaphysical' thus when the body dies, which is the 'carrier' of that the reflection of yourself As, your idea of yourself which you are 'living out' within your habits, your participations and the way you 'act' in the world That is the part that will, be 'you' in the afterlife in the metaphysical (D: Does that- entity change, from like say, before you're born) (D: I meant was, What changes - if any, occurs after a being's Life?) You cannot remember, when you reach your afterlife, any of your previous Lifes you cannot remember, where you come from you cannot 'find' your origin, all of that 'was counted' through the soul construct the soul construct, or the Akashic Record was the place where all the records, of the past Lifes were kept Ever wonder Why? because you couldn't "remember it"! so therefore it was kept in, a library and that library was the Akashic Record There, you could access and go and have a look at your 'past Lifes' but you could not 'remember' them so the soul construct was a 'recording system' it was 'centered' in the solar 'plexus' where, your Life, as you were going through it were recorded, when you died the soul construct, well that recording device with the recording was placed in the Akashic Record so that you could later do what is called 'Life Review' so that you can have a look in your next Life, could you 'improve', on yourself? Who has you become? things like that (K: The very point of you not being able to, remember and having to actually 'record') (your experiences, would imply that whatever you experienced in your Life was not 'real') (because it wasn't, "an actual self - experience") (if it were a self-experience it would have been 'Here', as an actual 'remembrance') (not just as knowledge and information that has to be 'recorded') (and 'kept', in a separated manifested 'construct') If we take Kieran here, from and Kieran you 'died' about three years ago now K: yeah~ B: approximately He died, after the portal was- already opened and he came through there, and he was 'linked' to, myself through Cerise so, what remained of Kieran from his past Life? he had a 'particular'- he was a naughty fucker I mean if any he had a, he had a naughty Life he had all the money you could dream of - of everything but he 'had' something that, men was working for him, 'in' this world he was assertive That 'assertiveness', in his expression that like, definitive assertiveness - that remained (K: That was it. that point of- 'this is what I want' and, actually Do it, and get it done) (Immediately in its effectiveness and specificity, that's it) That's, what remained from a Life (K: Just that one expression) (D: Do you recall the other parts of you or, this is just-) (K: That's the only point that I "lived", that was a self, experience) That was the point around which every moment turned If anything happens in a moment, he would come from that point (K: That assertiveness) That assertiveness - that remained That is who he is now, the rest is gone (K: Yes, it's only in our essence) at the moment of death and because by the time 'he came through' the soul construct was still there, but he did not go through it so his soul construct was, 'not' placed even in the, it was deleted anyway I mean because- (K: yeah that time it was bounded I mean) (D: I mean didn't they- the white light or whatever was in charge of there) (didn't they like come after you or get that-) (K: It was already taken out at that stage, at the end) No, not yet (K: No no no) the demon dimension was still operational (K: Yeah~) you know you went into a 'different path', you went into the 'room thing' (K: Yeah, it was a containment-) B: into a containment jail you're waited (K: you'll only when you're in a containment, you are not 'seen as a threat') So he was immediately (K: To white light) in a containment therefore he was not 'threat' to heaven (K: Yeah, 'cos you're contained) and then he, out of containment he came through the portal - straight so he was 'for three weeks' in containment from 'death' to the first time, through the portal (K: Yeah~) so (D: Did you understand what was happening?) (K: in the containment, no) (D: Wow) (K: It was so- it was such a 'short', experience) (K: it wasn't an experience of three weeks - of time) B: well time- (K: which was fascinating) is not experienced in the metaphysical (K: to me it was - I died, I went into containment, I came to earth 'I came through the portal') (K: through the portal) B: There was three events - (D: Wow) event event 'event', but it was not 'time' based (K: No, I didn't know three weeks has passed) Time, remember is 'directly' linked, to the mind consciousness system (K: Absolutely, 'in the physical') B: In the physical It is not something that is, 'actually' existing, in the metaphysical (D: So only the 'main piont' of your, self directive principle remains?) If there was nothing that you 'Lived' per-say there was nothing that 'made you stand out' as a 'presence' within, this reality in the physical when you 'die', you will be like nothing (K: and that happens) a lot! (K: of course) A lot of being is like - nothing (K: either have nothing or but, one, or two points) To be continued in Part 4 - For Full discussion visit: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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