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Hi guys. Last 2 week i already conduct an interview with one of the company base in Malaysia. So, i interview them regarding our HR chapter, that is Employee right and discipline. Okay, then let's discuss the interview outcome with the formula in HRM533. Shall we? Ok guys, For the first issues in our text book, what is the responsible oh Industrial Relation unit in HR department? First, the main function of IR is to maintain the Industrial Harmony. Second, administer and up-to-date on changes to employment act and any other acts and regulation. Third, leads domestic inquiry investigation on issues related to employment misconduct. Fours, analyze discipline statistic report from time-to-time to ensure a comprehensive disciplinary management program is emplace efficiently. Fifth, represent the company in any industrial dispute at the industrial or high court and attend to any labour or IR cases when necessary on behalf of the management. In term of employee management relation, can you explain the employee right vs employer responsibilities from company perspective. In employment act, Sabah Ordinance and Sarawak Labour Ordinance there are written what is employee right. However, in company there have an COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT(CA) between employee and the company. All the right for the employee are stated in the CA. For the employee right, the employee must follow all the policies, SOP, rule & regulation set by the company which does not contradict with the employee right. In section 13(3) of IR act 1967 it stated the right of managerial prerogative for the company. What is the common disciplinary problem occurred among employees? The common disciplinary problem occurred is the firstly, absence from work. without reasonable excuse. Frequently taking emergency leave. Negligence. incompetency or efficiency. late coming and tardiness. theft, fraud, dishonesty embezzlement including taking or giving bribery. and also poor housekeeping. Ok Izzat, if there are any cases reported, how the investigation procedure is conducted? First, we must receive the report from the cases. after that, we do a preliminary investigation if no cases, we proceed to close the cases. And then, if we found the cases is occurred, we proceed to letter of explanation and show of the cause. After that, if the explanation is accepted, if No we do the domestic enquiry to thw employee. and then, if found out that employee have fault, we do the punishment like warning letter and so on and if found out that the employee explanation is accept, we proceed acquitted and close the cases. Assuming a through investigation show that employee has violated a rule, what approach of disciplinary action the company took. the approach of disciplinary action the company can take is firstly, the rule of natural justice. Secondly, if the employee has violated the rule of security, the punishment should be dismissing because the company is gazette under protected areas and protected places act 1959. and breach of security the punishment should be heavier. Thirdly, generelly misconduct, there are 2, major misconduct that is serious degree. or minor misconduct, that is regarded as mild. The fourthly, is the determination of major or minor misconduct individually, cannot be listed distinctively or exhaustively. the guideline shall use for the company. Fakhruddin, from the text book, it is stated that once an employee is employed, they are expected for certain privacy right. what are employee right if they are charge of violating rules? Employee have a right to defend them self. employee has the right to inspect any record kept in term of that related to the employment of that employee. The employee is entitled to request a trade union represent time to inspect any record in term of this act and that related to the employment of the employee. Izzat, If the employee has the right to appeal, how is the appeal procedure is being done? Actually, we have 2 type of appeal procedure to the company as a hole, Number one is are type of appointment. Disciplinary appeal committee members are appointed by human resource management. And then, the second type is the composition. We have non-executive & senior executive. minimum 3 panel of members. Manager & Senior manager, Minimum of 3 panel member also. General manager and Senior general manager. Secondly, employee who are terminated or dismissed or demoted are automatically accorded a legal right under section 20 industrial relation act 1967 to bring his issues to much higher authorities 60 days from effective date of punishment. Faizal, discharging worker poses serious consequences for the employee and possibly for the organization, what are the rule or guideline that are applied to determined that a company had "just cause" for a termination. Ok last Suri, what are the implication of termination to the organization.? Employee termination is the process by which an organization ends an individual employment against his or her will. termination may occur for cause, example include poor job performance, lack of fit, inability to perform job,. Many instances of employment separation, however, can be attributed to development over which the fired employee has no control, such as destructing, downsizing, relocation, or acquisition know as reduction in force. When firing is necessary, the company must handle the situation properly to avoid numerous possible pitfalls, including a reduction in morale and productivity decline in the company public image, and difficulty in recruiting new employee. Do it the right way, and there no lasting negative effect on the company or the person who is exiting. Do it the wrong way, and the fired employee may have a very difficult time finding a new job and you and your company may end up in court. Ok, that all for today right, do you guys have any question? Fakhruddin: No. Faizal: So far no for me. So far no. Clear Suri: Ok, thank you everyone

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