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zhang zhihao

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After pulling his groin, baseball player Zhang Zhihao was demoted to second string so that he could rest and recuperate. On May 20th, after Zhang had recovered, Head Coach Wu put him back in the starting lineup, and his batting practice became the focus of all sports media. Zhang: I’m better now, and I can make adjustments based on how I’m feeling. My coaches can only assist in my recovery, but I understand my own physical condition best. Injury is inevitable. I am used to this, and am now focused on getting back to where I was before. Back on the team, Zhang was like Spiderman in the outfield, creating a sense of stability for the team's defensive line. Despite his success in the outfield, however, he knew that the fans were more concerned about how he would keep up his streak of continuous hits at bat. Zhang: Everyone is worried about whether or not I will break my batting record. Yesterday, I spoke with my doctor, and told him that if I am able to play and my team needs me, I am willing to substitute in for another player and forego my personal record. I have already exceeded my personal best, and I don’t need to do so again. Right now, I am focused first and foremost on my team’s success. If I make 100 hits in a row, but my team loses, it’s useless. If I break my record, but we lose, I won’t be satisfied. Plenty of people have the opportunity to break their personal records, but not everyone gets to win the game. Playing the game I love, competing, and winning with my team…that's all I need. After interviewing with Zhang Zhihao, it sounds as though he will keep a mature attitude and continue to enjoy the game, while avoiding any negative pressure. This is a great chance for him to overcome his obstacles! From Videoland Sports, this has been Xiaoxing Chang and Huang Hua Jun, bringing you Taoyuan news.

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zhang zhihao

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